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Review: We Review the Eltin Fast Forest, photochromic glasses at a great price

The mount is hard plastic (presumably Grilamid) with a full body that gives the glasses robustness without adding much weight. For more comfort, the bottom of the temples is finished in rubber that allows a better grip on our face. The nose bridge is of the same material and, although not adjustable, has a ribbed finish to stay in place despite use with the bike gravel for irregular terrain.

The lens is made of lightweight polycarbonate and most importantly, it is photochromic with a variation of categories from 0 to 3, which allows us to use these glasses from, practically, at night and almost without natural light on very sunny days. This wide spectrum is quite surprising for the price they have. In addition, the speed of variation, both when darkening and when lightening (which is almost more important in gravel, since it is common to enter shaded areas of forest with a lot less light) is quite good, adapting to light conditions in a fast but natural way. the Eltin Fast Forest they have left our scale at 35 g (32 g weight declared by the brand)which is pretty good.

In action with the Eltin Fast Forest

I was particularly clear that I could not ask for the same performance, lightness, etc. than glasses with similar characteristics with prices 2 and even 3 times higher. However, they surprised me because despite not having adjustment systems on the bridge of the nose, or despite the fact that the temples are not particularly flexible, I found them very comfortable. And I’m a bit obsessive about glasses because I have a rather thin face.

Let's try the Eltin Fast Forest glasses: photochromic at a great price

I also liked that they felt light and that the rubber finish on the temples and bridge served their purpose quite well and they didn’t move around despite wearing them even for mountain bike with trail crossings and areas with rather complicated and irregular terrain.

The full frame on the top gives it sturdiness and protects the lens from scratches with some tighter, wider helmets, while the lack of a frame on the bottom helps keep them from getting scratched. Its size, in addition, protects quite well from the air when we are on the move.

As for the photochromic characteristics, I’ve already said, I was surprised by the speed of the lens shift, which is one of the workhorses of photochromic lenses, especially those that shift as much as the Fast Forest (four categories, from 0 to 3). For all this, taking into account its official PVP of €64.75 I find them to be an excellent choice even as a single goggle for cycling.

Finally, say that the Eltin Fast Forest we will find them with the completely black frame or the matte black and yellow finish that you can see in the photos. They come with the typical microfiber cover to clean them and a hard case to store them away from the elements. We can also find them in the “normal” version (category S3) called only forestwith different frame and lens color finishes (4 models), for €43.15.



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