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Review: We try the Spiuk Aldama sneakers: comfort and good price

Although the sole is not carbon, the Advanced Polyamide Composite with fiberglass reinforcements achieve a good power transmission/comfort ratio, and that you finish the route with very good sensations despite having been a long distance, and having just taken it out of the box.

To be honest, for those of you who love carbon, the stiffness may be lacking, but for those users who find this material uncomfortable, it’s the perfect middle ground. Likewise, for the former, it is a good option for the pre-seasonand make a transition to carbon when we really want to gain efficiency when putting on a bib or if we want to go out on fire and perform at 100%.

We try the Spiuk Aldama sneakers: comfort and good price

Pay attention to this point, because you have to adapt to the stiffness again, don’t put on the carbon for the first day at a time when you have to give the gift of breast!

Returning to this that the feet do not get warm, it is also in a literal sense, since both the inside and the outside of the shoe have multi-perforations which allow optimal breathability and avoid the retention of sweat or heat.

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If we go to the dimensions and sizes of the sneaker, we continue to justify the comfort they bring by focusing on a rather conflicting area that generates rejection: the forefoot.

The tip height is quite generousso for those of you who are overwhelmed by a shoe being excessively flat at the toe (among which I am included), having this venting and space gives quite a relief.

We try the Spiuk Aldama sneakers: comfort and good price

The width of the first metatarsal (zone of the “bunion”) to the fifth toe has been generous and ideal for avoid excessive compression and circulatory or numbness problems which entails, something quite common in shoes that fit you tight. We will always bear in mind that these aspects are very personal and depend to a large extent on each person’s anatomy.

If we go to the hindfoot, the inframalleolar curvature (area of ​​the heel just below the ankle) is quite wide, and avoid unpleasant rubbing or pressure on the malleolusalthough back to the same thing, it’s a personal thing to try.

We try the Spiuk Aldama sneakers: comfort and good price

If we get inside the shoe, we see that the inner insole also has micro-perforations that contribute again to breathability, but they do not have a metatarsal button (elevated part of the insole just behind the heads of the metatarsals) and this is missing, already that this provides comfort and reduces pressure. At this point I emphasize what I told you at the beginning of the text, the price is quite reasonable and we can’t demand much more either.

With regard to the closure, it has the BOA Fit system, which allows a very precise and easy adjustment even on the move. The opening of the insole is oblique, asymmetrical, deviated from the front face of the ankle towards the third toe, embracing the lateral face of the instep, and exerting a pressure that I found more functional than other models in which directs straight towards the tip of the foot.

We try the Spiuk Aldama sneakers: comfort and good price

One aspect that, however, has occasionally bothered me, is the tongue, which protrudes towards the leg more than others, and sometimes it rubbed with the sock, resulting in a bit of discomfort.

Finally, comment that the model is available in four colors: silver, matte red, matte black and matte white which is what I used. The design is minimalistic and very elegant in my opinion, and features a silver detail that includes the brand name in white rather unobtrusively.

We try the Spiuk Aldama sneakers: comfort and good price

Aesthetically they seem very eye-catching and easy to combine with any outfitbut there is one detail that I would modify and that is the color of both the boa closure and the inside of the shoe which comes in black. I would change this aspect to white, as it has its higher-end companion Aldama de Carboni, as it is more harmonious and bright to me.

To sum up, if you want comfort on long runs in a light, elegant and well-finished model, look for an economical option with the three B’s (good, beautiful and cheap)or you want to reserve other stiffer and at the same time expensive models for the high season, it is a highly recommended shoe.



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