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RONDO will launch in the second half of this year a gravel whose frame has an innovative design by moving away from the traditional seat tube that is born in the pedal box. Instead it is born in the lower tube.

We remember that this Polish brand already applies somewhat radical designs to its gravel models, so its imminent launch is not entirely surprising. I explain the details below.

An exotic design in the gravel world

There have been all kinds of frame designs in bicycle history, though in the mode of gravel cycling not so much. A little over three years ago, Evil Chamois Hagar raised many eyebrows in the gravel community for the design of his frame, which was closer to the MTB world. But in reality there are few brands that encourage something like this, since there is a risk of “scaring” potential gravelers.


RONDO has been a brand from Poland that has been flirting with somewhat radical designs for some time now. Its RATT model, launched last June, is proof of this. Well, at in the coming months it will launch the second generation (2.0) of its RUUT CF model whose main feature is its seat tube. But before I describe it, better take a look at the next picture.

A totally different seat tube. Image: Velopoint

What did you think? It’s definitely different. The question is Why such a design? Because the now trimmed seat tube it rests on a kind of spring, which provides more cushioning. In other words, the top stays and the “no name” (so to speak) tube hold the seat tube and on uneven surfaces will flex with the weight of the rider. How much is the flexion? RONDO does not report this yet because the model is still in testing.


The extravagant or rare designs will always sacrifice something and in this case it is weight. In the initial presentation that RONDO made of this bike to certain dealers in Poland, they were informed that the weight was slightly higher than a gravel with a “normal” design. At the outset we have that, what remained of the seat tube, its thickness is notoriously greater. The lower tube is also given that it now directly supports weight.

In extravagant designs “something” will always be sacrificed. Here is the weight of the painting, to cite one case. Image: Velopoint

Another sacrifice you will have to make if you buy this gravel at the right time is that you will not be able to mount a 2x transmission. There is nowhere to hold the front derailleur as you can see in the picture above. Another disadvantage is the reduction of space to place the two internal drums and/or inner frame bag. This reduction is greater in smaller frames.

Large space between tire and tubes to release mud. Image: Velopoint

Back to the pros, this design provides huge space between the tire and the down tube and seat tube, which helps prevent mud build-up.

The tubes are now rectangular in shape, as in the other more recent models. Image: Velopoint

Changing the subject, RONDO now incorporates its characteristics into this second generation of the RUUT rectangular tubes with sharp corners, a design that is already adopted in its latest releases such as the RATT. You can see it clearly in the previous image and the same in the next one, with a front tube and fork tubes with a similar rectangular design, maintaining a visual harmony.

The steep top tube rear dropout fitted to other models is now incorporated into the RUUT. Image: Velopoint


This radical or unique design in a gravel it is not the first to appear and it will not be the last, but kudos must be given to RONDO for pushing the line a little further on the design front, not only with this second-generation RUUT, but with the RATT as well. It remains to be seen whether it will be commercially successful and whether it delivers on what it promises, but that is secondary to the gravel makers. The important thing is that there are options not only of brands, but also of designs even if they are radical.

You can see a video of this innovative gravel design below.

More information

Official site Rondo. The second generation RUUT is not yet published on your website.

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