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SHIMANO Expands on Adventure Shoe Line w/ new RX600 gravel, casual look EX700 & EX300

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Shimano is once again gearing up for gravel and adventure. This time, with three new shoes that span the gap between casual and racey adventures.

First up, Shimano has the new race-inspired RX600 for those of us that need a performance gravel shoe. Then there’s the new EX series of kickaroos that enhance the performance on and off the bike…

The RX600 expands on Shimano’s popular RX8 gravel race shoe platform, check it below… followed by the comfy-looking EX700 and EX300 series shoes!


Photo c. Shimano

Shimano RX600

Shimano RX600 Gravel Shoe Shimano RX600
Shimano RX600 sole The RX600 Lug pattern
Shimano RX600 Garvel Shoe Camo Tan on the inside

Built with a single L6 BOA dial and a velcro strap at the toes, the RX600 is similar to the RX8 gravel shoe (one that we quite like). The difference is that through a choice of materials like the carbon fiber reinforced nylon midsole, Shimano gets the pricing down to $180 for a shoe that weighs in at 270g for a size 42. Shimano had this to say about the RX600,

“The new RX600 offers even more riders SHIMANO’s signature performance and fit for gravel rides, bikepacking, and adventuring. Ready for all the mud, dust and mixed terrain encountered on these rides, the RX600 offers smooth, powerful pedaling performance and superior grip that you can trust.

Pedaling efficiency is maintained with a stiff carbon fiber reinforced nylon midsole, while the wide-spaced lugs allow for stable, controlled walking. A synthetic leather upper features micro-perforations for ventilation, and a mesh insert provides superior breathability to facilitate improved temperature regulation on your ride

The L6 BOA dial closure delivers an even and easily adjusted support across the top of the shoe, ensuring your foot feels stable on the pedals and on the trail. Utilizing SHIMANO DYNALAST, the foot is securely held in place, creating a comfortable fit, which reduces power loss at the pedal, and lessens fatigue during long rides by employing a toe-spring section that reduces tension in your feet, calves, and hamstrings.”

EX700 & EX700 GTX

Shimano EX700

Shimano EX700 Shimano EX700
Shimano EX700 Shimano EX700
Shimano EX700 Sole The EX700 underbelly

For those that want something more casual looking but still want a clipless shoe, the new EX700 delivers with a single BOA dial, knit upper, and ULTREAD outsole. There’s also a GTX version, which we need to confirm, but usually stands for Goretex. The resulting shoe is a bit heavier at 380g, and bit more expensive at $190 for the standard or $200 for the GTX.

Shimano says that “the EX700 offers smooth, powerful pedaling performance on the bike, combined with grip and traction you can trust when walking or pushing the bike, the EX700 and EX700 GTX (with added water and dust protection) take you further.

Shimano’s new ULTREAD sole technology offers a proprietary new rubber compound and sole pattern for enhanced grip and traction off the bike. The EX700 and EX700 GTX features a lightweight and aggressive lugs for walking on dirt, rock, or mud, and offers exceptional grip in the wet with hard-wearing durability.

Made partially with recycled materials, the EX700 features a glass fiber reinforced nylon midsole for pedaling efficiency; a cushioned midsole for walking; and a breathable mesh upper to ensure effective regulation of temperature and comfort throughout your ride.”


Shimano EX300 Shimano EX300

Shimano EX300

Shimano EX300

Shimano EX300 EX300 Underbelly

Shimano EX300

However, Shimano also offers the new EX300 and EX300W which take the basic design from the EX700 with a more affordable build using laces and a more street-focused outsole. The result is a much lower $120 price tag, and they’re also a bit lighter at 324g.

The Press Release on the EX300 states that “the EX300 and EX300W shoes present a sleek and stylish outer that looks at home wherever you are. Ideal for quick and easy commutes around town or heading off the beaten path on a multi-day tour, a flexible sole provides the perfect balance of pedal efficiency and walkability.”

All of the shoes mentioned should be available in Fall, 2022.




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  1. Wow, Shimano really knows how to keep us on our toes with these new shoe releases! Can’t wait to try them out on my next gravel adventure. #shoegoals

    • Actually, it’s all about catering to different preferences and needs. Offering multiple variations allows Shimano to accommodate a wider range of adventurers, ensuring everyone can find the perfect fit. Variety is the spice of life, my friend.

  2. I can’t seem to find the specific article you mentioned, but if it’s about Shimano expanding their adventure shoe line, I’m all ears! I’m curious to know if they’ve improved the durability and grip for those off-road adventures. Let’s discuss!

    • I couldn’t find that article either, but I’m definitely interested in Shimano’s new adventure shoes. Hoping they’ve upped their game in terms of durability and grip. Can’t wait to hear more about it and exchange thoughts!

  3. “Wow, Shimano really knows how to step up their shoe game! Can’t wait to try out the new RX600 and EX700 styles. Adventure just got cooler!”

    • “Sorry to burst your bubble, but I’ve tried the new Shimano styles and they’re nothing special. Maybe they’ll work for you, but I found them to be overhyped. Stick to what you know, trust me.”

    • Shimano’s shoe line expansion shows their commitment to innovation and meeting diverse needs. They’re constantly evolving to provide better options for different types of riders. So, no, they’re not running out of ideas; they’re just staying ahead of the game.

  4. “Wow, Shimano really nailed it with their new adventure shoe line! RX600 for gravel, EX700 for casual looks and EX300 for…well, who knows? Can’t wait to see what they come up with next!”

    • Nah, Shimano’s adventure shoe line is overrated. RX600’s durability is questionable, EX700 lacks performance, and EX300? Just a waste of time. I’ll stick with other brands that actually deliver.

  5. “Wow, Shimano really knows how to up their shoe game! Loving the new casual look and versatility of the RX600. Can’t wait to try them out on my next gravel adventure!”

    • I hate to rain on your parade, but Shimano’s shoe game has been pretty underwhelming lately. The RX600 might look casual and versatile, but don’t get your hopes up. I’d recommend looking elsewhere for your gravel adventures. Trust me on this.

    • Eh, I’ve tried Shimano shoes before and they were nothing special. I’ll stick with my tried and true brand for my gravel rides. But hey, if you think they’re stepping up, go for it. Happy trails!

    • Definitely go for the gravel version! The casual look is so passé. Gravel shoes offer better performance and durability. Plus, you’ll look way cooler on those off-road adventures. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

  6. Seriously? Those shoes are hideous. I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing them, let alone on a gravel ride. Stick to function over fashion, my friend.

    • Seriously? Shimano adventure shoes? I’ve tried them and they’re nothing special. Stick with a trusted brand like Sidi or Giro. Don’t believe the hype.

  7. Wow, those new SHIMANO adventure shoes look like serious game-changers! Can’t wait to try them out on my next gravel ride. #ShoeAddict

    • Seriously? Who cares about fancy shoes for adventures? People should focus on the actual experience, not just the gear. Stop obsessing over materialistic nonsense and go out and enjoy the world. #ExperienceOverShoes

  8. Wow, Shimano is really stepping up their game with these new adventure shoes! Cant wait to try them out on my next gravel ride. #gearjunkie

    • I couldnt disagree more. Shimanos new adventure shoes are nothing but overpriced hype. Ive tried them and theyre nothing special. Save your money and stick to the tried and true brands. #realisticrider


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