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Shimano S-Phyre & Aerolite x Ridescape Sunglasses gear up for Gravel & Cyclocross

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Whether it’s intense cyclocross racing in dreary winter weather, adventure gravel riding in & out of forest cover, or even classic road rides in blistering sunshine, the next-generation interchangeable Ridescape lenses are each adapted to “emphasize colors” and “highlight surfaces” no matter what type of terrain you ride…

Shimano Ridescape sunglasses

all c. Shimano

The newest tech here are Shimano’s Ridescape lenses which come in six different colors, each tailored to enhance your vision in certain riding conditions. Ridescape ES for extra shielding in sunny bright riding, HC for filtering out harshness in regular daylight, RD for all-around road riding sharpness, GR for gravel-specific surface contrast boosting, OR for off-road sharpness in and out of roots, rocks & trees, and CL to reduce glare and boost light transmission in dark riding.

“Details that would normally be washed out, dull, or flat become more clearly defined, vibrant and vivid.“

S-Phyre 2.0 eyewear

Shimano S-Phyre 2.0 Ridescape sunglasses, smolder

The 2nd generation updated Shimano S-Phyre Ridescape sunglasses are the more premium of the two new offerings, with a new magnetic lens clip design to make it easier and faster to tailor your eyewear to the conditions – or even easier to just clean the lens.

Shimano S-Phyre 2.0 Ridescape sunglasses, magnetic quick release lenses

Featuring slightly larger lens coverage overall, these new S-Phyre shades keep a similar layout to the previous half-frames, with a straight upper frame that transitions back to the folding temples, plus a non-slip clip-on nosepiece.

Shimano S-Phyre 2.0 Ridescape sunglasses, mettalic orange

The $220 / 190€ Grilamid TR90 half-frame glasses weigh just 29.3g (claimed) and come in five frame colors – matte black or white, and metallic red, orange, or blue. Each pair comes with a single dark-tinted Ridescape lens (ES, RD, OR, or GR) plus a pinkish clear Ridescapw CL spare lens for increased visibility in dark, cloudy, or wet riding conditions.

Aerolite 2.0 eyewear

Shimano Aerolite Ridescape sunglasses, smnolder

The new Shimano Aerolite sunglasses go half-frame too, just in the other direction, apparently for better protection off-road without compromising your field of view. With a bit of a structured lower frame, the more affordable Aerolites must keep mud & sand from flying up off your tires, as they have been popular on the cyclocross circuit this season.

Shimano Aerolite Ridescape sunglasses, Rx insert prescription glasses

They also are available for $70 / 65€ with another new brown Ridescape HC clip-in replaceable lens that boosts contrast in varied conditions, or you can get a pair with a photochromic gray lens for $110 / 95€ if you ride in more changing light levels. Pick them in your choice of five frame colors – black, white, metallic red, matte metallic blue, or moss green.

Shimano Aerolite Ridescape sunglasses, blue

Based on the name, we shouldn’t be surprised that the Aerolites are even lighter at just 26g (claimed), plus they work with an Rx insert for cyclists who ride with prescription lenses.




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    • Are you serious? Sunglasses arent just for style, they protect your eyes from debris, bugs, and harmful UV rays. Id rather ride safely AND keep my vision intact. But hey, crashing into trees is totally your thing, go for it!

    • Seriously? Squinting is not a fashion statement, its just a way to damage your eyes. Sunglasses not only protect you from harmful UV rays but also add style to your outfit. Dont be foolish, prioritize your eye health.

    • Nah, I disagree. Shimano sunglasses arent just cycling goggles. They offer superior UV protection, sleek design, and crystal-clear vision. Calling them glorified goggles undermines their quality and versatility.

  1. Wow, those Shimano S-Phyre & Aerolite sunglasses are a total game-changer for gravel and cyclocross. Cant wait to try em out! #geargoals

    • Are you trying to win the Darwin Award? Riding with your eyes closed is a surefire way to end up as roadkill. Dont be reckless, prioritize safety over cheap thrills. #UseYourBrain

  2. Well, I gotta say, these Shimano S-Phyre & Aerolite sunglasses sound fancy AF. Whos ready to hit the gravel and cyclocross tracks in style?

    • Not gonna lie, those sunglasses do sound pretty fancy. But lets not forget that style doesnt make you a better cyclist. Its all about the skills and the passion you bring to the tracks. So lets focus on that too, shall we?

  3. Ive tried those sunglasses before and honestly, they didnt live up to the hype. They were uncomfortable and didnt provide the protection I needed. Maybe youll have better luck, but I wouldnt get my hopes up too high.

    • Eh, sunglasses on a gravel ride? Seriously? I thought the goal was to enjoy the scenery, not look like a wannabe fashion model. But hey, to each their own, I guess. Just dont let your sunglasses be the only thing people remember about your ride. #priorities


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