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If you are one of those who is thinking of making a long trip by bike and you need clothing, accessories and complements without spending a fortune, the multi-sport brand Decathlon offers us good options for this 2024.

Here we present them to you and as always we look forward to your feedback on this.

1) Cage Charge Support/€14.99

If you’re thinking of going on a trip and carrying a bag on your fork, now you have this support offered by Riverside. This is a good quality product with a fairly cheap price.

The cage itself is manufactured in 6061 aluminum with which it is quite resistant. In fact, it supports up to 5 kilograms of load, which is really amazing, since it weighs only 96 grams. Compared to similar solutions, it is much lighter and also supports more kilos than other equivalent supports.

It has up to 9 holes that allow universal fixing in standard eyelets of the bottle holder type. For optimal fastening, the brand recommends a 3-screw fastening. In fact, it already includes three screws and three rubber washers.

Like most of this type of support, it does not include fastening straps. But you can use velcro or voile tapes.


The price is excellent compared to similar solutions: €14.99 (decathlon website).

2) Waterproof bikepacking bag/€19.99.

The waterproof bag offered by Riverside is adjustable with the previously presented support. As the name suggests, it is a bikepacking solution that protects tools or parts from rain, moisture or mud.

Its volume or capacity is 4 liters. There are some bags with more room, but the number is not bad. It’s also a lightweight piece that weighs just a little 150 grams.

As for the technical details, it is a well-reinforced bag, as it has reinforcements of Hypalon on the back and under the bag to resist rubbing. The straps it has are also made of the same material.

Finally, it should be noted that it has reflective strips that help increase safety in low-light conditions.


The price is excellent: €19.99 and you can purchase it at Decathlo websiten.

3) Men’s Rockrider ST 500 MTB cycling shorts/€34.99

Although it is not a specific piece for bikepacking or gravel and yes MTB, you can use these pants for long trips. It’s about the Rockrider ST 500 which incorporate, and this is something we should be grateful for, of a badana.

It is a piece to use throughout the year and even in summer. They have an elastic waist, two pockets with security closure and two pockets for bars.


Its price is €34.99 (web of Decathlon).

4) Riverside T-shirt for Bikepacking/€49.99

This cycling shirt is designed exclusively for long journeys. It is a comfortable piece with numerous functionalities for bikepacking.

You can use it in spring and summer, as it is a very breathable shirt. This is due to the fact that it has mesh fabric under the arms and, in addition, two strategically placed openings that allow air to enter.

It has up to five pockets, one with a zip on the back (three back pockets, double top pocket). Therefore, you will be able to locate an infinite number of objects that you need to reach quickly.


Its price is €49.99 (Decathlon website).

5) Riverside Touring 920/€1599.99

The Riverside Touring 920 is a great choice to consume many hours on top undertaking long journeys.

One of the things that surprises us is that the frame of the Touring is made of 6061 aluminum and its fork is carbon. Typically, the models we tend to see for long trips the frame and fork are steel.

As for the group, the group has been chosen SRAM Rival 1 monoplate with hydraulic brakes and of 11 speeds.

If we focus on the developments, a single dish is used 32 teeth (Can be mounted with SRAM chainring 34, 36 or 38 teeth) combined with a large cassette 11-42.

The components that mount the Touring 920 are provided by the brand. In other words, handlebars, power and stem are from the b’twin brand and are made of aluminum. Among them, the drop bar with a 24 degree opening or flare would stand out.

As for the tires, they are Schwalbe Thunder Burt, which stand out for their low rolling resistance, as they have very small and scattered studs in their central band. Size is 29×2.25.


Its price is €1,599.99 and you can purchase it at Decathlon website.

6) Btwin 500 Mixed Pedals/€34.99

The bear Btwin 500 they are another good mixed choice that, like all Decathlon products, are quite inexpensive. One of the interesting things is that his body is aluminum and of course, the steel shaft.

Also, and to make you feel more secure, the tension is adjustable. In terms of weight, it’s not too bad: 360 grams per pair.


Its price is excellent: €34.99 a Decathlon.

7) Riverside waterproof bike frame bag /€34.99

A good charging solution is to have a bag to install on the top tube and thus be able to quickly access your personal items, wallets or mobile phone.

Its capacity is one litre, so you can carry discreet objects that you want to protect against the rain. In addition, it has a very good weight of only 189 grams.


Its price is €34.99 a Decathlon.

8) Riverside waterproof harness and saddle bag / €54.99 and €19.99.

Finally, we close this review with the harness and the bag which I also consider essential. It is a complete solution that is installed in the saddle of the seat. They are two products that are sold separately, but that you must purchase together for their full functionality.

Regarding the capacity of the bag, it is from 6 to 15 liters. Best of all, it’s waterproof and will protect you from rain or mud splashes.


The price of the fastening harness is from €54.99 (Decathlon website)i of the watertight bag of €19.99 (Decathlon website).


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