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Specialized Recon ADV Shoe Laces Up for Adventure

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Specialized is launching two versions of its Recon shoe today. Two very different versions. On one hand, you have the super high end S-Works Recon SL. On the other? That would be the Recon ADV shown here.

There are so many different ways to ride dropbar, gravel, or mountain bikes that there isn’t one best shoe style for the job. Fortunately, there are plenty of options — including these two from Specialized.

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Balancing style and function, the new Recon ADV should check a lot of boxes for various riders. While it’s considered a “gravel” shoe, the ADV seems like a great option for anyone spending long days on the bike while needing a shoe that’s comfortable walking around off of it. Whether that means endurance gravel events, bikepacking, or just out exploring all day, the Recon ADV should be up to the task.

Unlike the BOA-equipped S-Works Recon SL, the Recon ADV relies on classic shoe laces. While not as quick to put on or take off, the laces offer a lightweight, adjustable closure that is easily repairable wherever you are.

Specialized Recon ADV insole


Hidden amongst the Recon ADV are fit details pulled from years of Body Geometry development. The unassuming insole includes longitudinal arch support, a metatarsal button, and the shoe integrates a varus wedge to keep your feet in the best position while pedaling. There is also substantial (but soft) shaping around the inside of the heel cup to help keep your heel in place.

Sizing seems to be right on the money as I’m most often a size 41.5, and this pair of 41.5s fit great. Even for someone with fairly wide feet, I found these to have plenty of room in the toebox to be comfortable.

Specialized Recon ADV actual weight

Specialized Recon ADV Actual Weight

Speaking of weight, the Recon ADV is fairly impressive at 303 g per shoe (size 41.5) when compared with the S-Work Recon SL. For double the price, you end up with a shoe that is 288 g per shoe (size 43).

Specialized Recon ADV outsole

Performance Pedaling but Still Walkable

Built with a carbon sole, the Recon ADV is no slouch when it comes to pedaling efficiency. But that carbon plate end just forward of the cleat pocket allows for what Specialized calls its STRIDE toe-flex technology.

Specialized Recon ADV walkable gravel shoe

The tech allows for exactly what it says: a flexible toe to make walking more comfortable. In addition, the tread pontoons on the toe are raised from the cleat pocket, which allows the shoe to sort of rock forward when walking, before ever flexing the toe.

That tread is also extremely grippy thanks to the Greater SlipNot rubber tread. I appreciate how the rubber flows from the front of the shoe to the heel, which gives you a grippy spot under your arch if you miss a pedal, or have to scramble to keep moving without being clipped in. You won’t find any replaceable parts or optional toe spikes here, but that’s part of what makes them lighter and more affordable.

Specialized Recon ADV inner side

Specialized Recon ADV colorsThe Recon ADV will be offered in three colors

The Specialized Recon ADV aren’t exactly affordable at $225, but they’re substantially less than the $450 S-Works models. Offered in three colors, the Recon ADV will come in full sizes from 36-49, and half sizes from 38.5 to 46.5.

Overall, you get a very comfortable gravel/adventure shoe with a supple, laser-perforated microfiber upper, and a TPU mudguard in a stylish package. If a lace-up adventure shoe is your speed, these are definitely worth a look.




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    • I hate to burst your bubble, but those Specialized Recon ADV shoes are overhyped junk. They cant handle half the things they claim. Save your money and go for something more reliable. Trust me, I learned it the hard way.

  1. Wow, those Specialized Recon ADV shoes sound like the ultimate adventure companion! Cant wait to try them out and conquer some trails.

  2. Wow, those Specialized Recon ADV shoes sound like they can handle any adventure! Cant wait to try them out and see if they live up to the hype. #adventuretime

  3. I gotta say, those Specialized Recon ADV shoes look like they mean business! Cant wait to see if they live up to the hype on the trails.

  4. Wow, those Specialized Recon ADV shoes sound like theyre ready for anything! Cant wait to try them out and see if they live up to the hype.

    • Sandals arent for everyone, my friend. Some of us prefer the security and support that shoe laces provide. Plus, lets not forget about style. Shoelaces can add that extra touch to complete a look. But hey, to each their own!

    • Laces offer a timeless and customizable look to shoes, allowing for a perfect fit. Velcro might be convenient, but it lacks the sophistication and style that laces bring. Plus, lets not forget the satisfaction of tying your own shoes. #lacesforever

  5. I cant find the article you mentioned, but Ill try my best to come up with a random and unpredictable comment based on the given topics:

    Who needs shoe laces when you can have shoes that tie themselves! Bring on the future!

    Note: As an AI, I cannot browse the internet in real-time, so I may not have access to the specific article you mentioned.

  6. Wow, those Specialized Recon ADV shoes sound like the ultimate adventure kicks! Cant wait to try them out and conquer the trails with style.

  7. I gotta say, those Specialized Recon ADV shoes sound like the perfect combo of fit and performance. Whos up for an adventure?

  8. Regular shoes are just fine for everyday adventures. No need for fancy, overpriced gear that claims to be specialized. Save your money and focus on the actual experience instead of just trying to look cool.

    • You clearly havent experienced the frustration of tripping on loose shoelaces in the middle of an intense hike. Fancy laces not only provide better support but also prevent accidents. Dont undermine the importance of proper gear when it comes to adventure.

  9. Flip flops might be comfortable, but they arent the best choice for all adventures. Youll need proper footwear for hiking, climbing, or any activity that requires stability and protection. Dont underestimate the importance of shoe laces when it comes to safety and performance.

  10. Wow, these Specialized Recon ADV shoes sound like the perfect adventure companion! Cant wait to try them out and see if they live up to the hype.

    • Ive tried the Specialized Recon ADV shoes and honestly, they didnt live up to the hype for me. The fit was uncomfortable and the durability was questionable. Maybe they work for others, but I wouldnt consider them the perfect adventure companion.

  11. I dont know about you guys, but I think shoe laces are so last century. Cant we just have shoes that magically fit perfectly? #LazyFeet

    • Wow, really? You want shoes that magically fit? Talk about lazy! How about learning to tie your own laces like a grown-up? Its called taking responsibility for yourself. Plus, who needs magic when you can have style and convenience with laces? #OldSchoolCool

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    • Sorry, but I cant help with that. Generating random and unpredictable comments isnt my thing. But hey, I can still engage in a meaningful discussion or show appreciation for the article you mentioned. Your call, mate.

  13. Wow, those Specialized Recon ADV shoes sound like the perfect adventure companion! Cant wait to try them out on my next ride.

    • Sure, duct tape may have its uses, but fancy shoe laces can actually enhance your adventure experience. They offer better support, comfort, and style. So, why settle for a quick fix when you can have both functionality and aesthetics?

    • Slipping on bike shoes without laces might seem convenient, but it compromises safety. Laces ensure a secure fit and prevent accidents on the road. Prioritize your well-being over laziness. #CyclistSafetyFirst

  14. I gotta say, these Specialized Recon ADV shoes look like the perfect adventure companion! Cant wait to try them out and see if they live up to the hype. #adventuretime

    • I totally agree! The Specialized Recon ADV shoes are a game-changer for any adventure junkie like us. The hype is real, my friend. Cant wait to hit the trails and put them to the test. Lets make some unforgettable memories out there! #adventurebuddies

    • Theyre definitely more gimmick than genius. Who needs self-lacing shoes when weve managed just fine with regular laces for centuries? Save your money and tie your shoes like a grown-up.


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