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Specialized Turbo Creo SL: Unveiling the Stealth E-System with Incredible Long Range

Specialized Turbo Creo SL Road and Gravel E-Bike

Specialized has officially entered the e-road and e-gravel segments in the United States with their new bike offering, the Turbo Creo SL. This bike features wide tire clearance and the Future Shock 2.0 suspension system. The motor and battery system have been designed from the ground up for an ultra-compact design and lightweight with a surprisingly long range. The new frame also uses Boost spacing for road, a new standard that may become popular for future e-road and e-gravel bikes.

Introduction to the Turbo Creo SL

Specialized is no stranger to e-bikes and has recently announced their all-new Turbo Creo SL. This bike is designed for both road and gravel riding and features a motor and battery system that was developed in-house at the Specialized e-bike facility in Switzerland. We had the opportunity to attend the official launch in Santa Cruz, CA, where we learned all about the bike and had two days of intense riding on and off-road.

Motor and Battery System

The Turbo Creo SL features an internal battery pack housed in the downtube, with a capacity of 320Wh. Specialized has also introduced a new option called the Range Extender battery, which can be mounted into any standard bottle cage and provides an additional 160Wh. The Mission Control App allows you to control multiple battery modes, and the Range Extender battery can be easily swapped out in less than 30 seconds. The motor is an all-new unit developed by Specialized, called the SL 1.1 motor, which provides up to 240 watts of assist and 35NM of torque. The bike is classified as a Class-3 pedal-assist bike, offering motor power up to 28mph.

Motor Tuning and Power Feel

The motor tuning of the SL 1.1 system has been optimized for maximum efficiency and a natural cadence. The power doesn’t come on fully until higher RPMs, which gives the bike a different feel compared to other systems on the market. The Mission Control App allows riders to fine-tune the power feel and diagnose any issues. The battery system also features Smart Control, which calculates your ride distance and ensures you have enough battery power to get home.

Frame Construction and Standards

The Turbo Creo SL frame is made of Fact 11R carbon and features the Future Shock 2.0 suspension system with 20mm of travel. The frame uses flat mount disc brakes with 160mm stock rotors and Road Boost axle standards. The tire clearance is impressive, with the ability to accommodate 700 x 42mm tires or 650b x 47mm tires. The drivetrain is a mixed Shimano setup, using road shifters and a mountain bike rear derailleur for extended 1x gear range. The frame comes in six sizes and uses a “Beyond Gender” sizing system that caters to everyone.



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