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SRAM AXS: Your All-Access Pass to Future Components

The New SRAM AXS Family: The Future of Bike Components

The SRAM AXS family, launching today in the United States, introduces a range of new top-tier bicycle components. This includes the RED eTap AXS 12-speed group, the Eagle AXS wireless mountain bike shifting, a Rockshox Reverb AXS with wireless remote, and an app that integrates all of these products. With this comprehensive relaunch and upgrade of the original eTap concept, SRAM aims to set a new standard in connected components.

Introducing the AXS Concept

SRAM’s ultimate goal is to become the leader in connected components. When they first ventured into electronic drivetrains, they realized how much they still had to learn. However, they recognized the potential for connecting different bike components to create new and improved functionalities. They began working on electronic shifting for mountain bikes over five years ago, but the Eagle project temporarily diverted their attention. Nevertheless, they returned to electronic shifting full speed once the Eagle family was complete.

SRAM saw electronics as a means to control more than just shifting. They wanted to revolutionize other components, such as their Reverb dropper seatpost, by eliminating cables and hoses. Their aim was to enhance response times, improve ergonomics and controls, and ensure unparalleled reliability. To achieve this, SRAM mobilized all their resources, involving teams from their eight offices worldwide.

What is SRAM eTap AXS?

SRAM eTap AXS, or simply AXS, is a wireless protocol that unites components from drivetrain, suspension, power, wheels, and more. It allows riders to mix and match road and mountain bike AXS parts, creating a personalized biking experience. The AXS system enables riders to control, personalize, and monitor the performance of their bikes.


The AXS system provides shifting and dropper seatpost controls without the need for cables, wires, hoses, friction, or maintenance. It offers a seamless and hassle-free riding experience.


Riders can customize the controls according to their preferences. The AXS app offers a wide range of options, ensuring that riders can tailor the system to their specific needs. The app includes built-in protections to prevent users from creating button arrangements that hinder essential functions, such as shifting.


The AXS system utilizes three communication methods – AIREA communication protocol, Bluetooth, and ANT+ – to synchronize components and provide service reminders. The AXS app records operating time, shifting time, and crank rotations, allowing riders to keep track of their bike’s performance.


The SRAM AXS app gives riders complete control over their group’s operation. While the app is not mandatory for using the components, it offers additional features and customization options. Riders can assign button functions, add components to their bike’s profile, and select various multi-shift and sequential-shift options.

The app allows riders to create distinct profiles for their bikes, making it easy to identify and adjust settings for each bike equipped with AXS components. To set up the app, riders must be physically near their bike to press the AXS button on the rear derailleur or dropper. This ensures that only the rider has control over their components.

Currently, the app does not offer push notifications. However, future updates may include service notifications, system updates, and ride data capture. SRAM emphasizes that user data is not used or sold for any other purpose.

What’s Next?

With the launch of the AXS family, SRAM envisions a future where connected components redefine biking experiences on roads, gravel, and mountains. The possibilities for coaching and data analysis are endless, as riders can gather information on tire pressure, gear selection, power, and more.

SRAM has dedicated tech posts for each group and major part, along with ride reviews. To learn more about the specific components and groups, refer to the following links:

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SRAM Eagle AXS for mountain bikes

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