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State Bicycles introduces New Affordable On-Bike Bags!

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State Bicycle Co, the bike company that just launched a new single speed electric bike, has added some new on-bike bags to their long list of bike accessories. These new bags are available in three bitchen and neutral colors, olive, tan and black, and are sure to match whatever steed you put them on.

The new bags are made of Cordura fabric with waterproof shells that include water-resistant tape and slider, with easy-pull zippers to make it easy to access your goodies while riding.

Top Tube Frame Bag

photos c. State Bicycle Co.

Sate Bike Co top tube frame bag

Top tube frame bag velcro strips

From State “the Top Tube Frame Bag is made from durable, 100% waterproof material and has two easy-pull zips allowing access to the snacks, tools, and anything else you need for a big day in the saddle. ​
Eight durable hook and loop straps and multiple mounting points ensure a secure and snug fit to most standard frame sizes.”

Retail: $69.99


  • Water Resistant Zipper Tape and Slider
  • Waterproof Durable Shell and Durable Nylon Liner
  • Easy Pull Zippers for Access While Riding
  • Capacity: 3 Liters
  • Measurements W 46 x H 12 x D 6 cm

Wedge Frame Bag

Wedge Frame Bag

Wedge Frame Bag Drive side zip
Wedge Frame Bag Non-drive side zip

The Wedge Framebag “is the perfect bag for a day trip or a weekend getaway. No matter how you use it, this wedge bag is designed to fit everything you need when carrying a bit extra! Made with a Cordura and nylon shell and tapped zippers, this bag will keep everything safe from the elements. Easy-pull zippers allow for quick and easy access to the essentials while on the bike. The Wedge also features a water bladder exit sleeve that will enable you to use any hydration pack with a hose connection.”

Retail: $59.99


  • Water Resistant Zipper Tape and Slider
  • Waterproof Durable Shell and Durable Nylon Liner
  • Easy Pull Zippers for Access While Riding
  • Water Bladder Exit Sleeve
  • Ability to hold up to a 2L Bladder
  • Capacity: 2.5 Liters
  • Measurements: 38 cm (top) x 24cm (sides) x 8cm (width)

Saddle Bag

Saddle bag

Saddle bag

Saddle bag

Saddle Bag

The State Bicycle Co. Saddle Bag “is an essential accessory that is compact and 100% waterproof. Perfect for road rides, bike packing, or gravel cycling, the little bag has the ideal capacity for what you need—featuring a hoop & loop secure strap with multiple mounting positions and a reflective State Bicycle Co. logo.”

Retail: $29.99


  • Water Resistant Zipper Tape and Slider
  • Waterproof Durable Shell
  • Easy Pull Zippers
  • Capacity: 0.7L
  • Measurements: W 15 x H 5.5 x D 8 cm with a capacity of 0.7L (big enough for a full-size tube, tire lever, and large CO2 canister + any other roadside / trailside tools you may need).

Tool Roll

Tool Roll

Tool Roll open

Tool Roll logo

Tool Roll underside

The State Bicycles Tool Roll helps “keep your essentials safe and secure, whether off-roading, commuting, or just out for a leisurely ride. Ease of use and durability were paramount when designing this tool roll. Using 1000D Cordura material and a tried-and-true system of 3/4″ quick-release buckles, place the roll on your saddle with the strap, tuck it in your jersey pocket or toss it in your bag.”

Retail: $24.99


  • Measures: 30cm x 13cm when open, 10cm x 10cm when closed
  • Durable Cordura construction

As of the publishing date, all of these new bags by State Bicycles are available now on their website!

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  1. Wow, these new on-bike bags from State Bicycles are seriously game-changing! I love how they’ve got options for every type of cyclist, from the top tube frame bag to the tool roll. Can’t wait to get my hands on one!

  2. Seriously? It’s just a bag. Get over yourself. Maybe focus on the actual biking experience instead of getting caught up in materialistic trends.

    • I hate to burst your bubble, but on-bike bags have been around for ages. State Bicycles is just jumping on the bandwagon. Don’t get too excited, there’s nothing groundbreaking here.

    • Cup holders on bike bags? Seriously? How about focusing on safety features instead of accommodating your caffeine cravings? Keep your coffee at home, pedal responsibly, and maybe you won’t need a cup holder on your bike. Just saying.

    • Are you serious? Stuffing your pockets with snacks instead of using bike bags is a disaster waiting to happen. Good luck trying to ride comfortably with squished snacks and crumbs all over your clothes. Get some proper bike bags and save yourself the mess.

    • Duct tape may work in a pinch, but it’s hardly a reliable long-term solution. On-bike bags are specifically designed to securely hold your belongings, ensuring they don’t go flying off during your ride. Plus, they offer convenient compartments for easy access. Safety and convenience matter. #JustSaying

    • Wow, really? Strapping everything to your poor dog? That’s cruel and irresponsible. Dogs are not pack animals for your convenience. Get a proper frame bag and treat your furry friend with respect.

    • Seriously? You’re excited about a bag for your bike’s top tube to carry snacks? How about focusing on the actual ride instead of stuffing your face? Priorities, man.

    • Seriously? A unicorn plushie? Are we in kindergarten? Stick to the essentials, like water and snacks. Leave the toys at home. #GrowUp #BikingNotPlaying

  3. Seriously? A fanny pack on the handlebars? That’s a surefire way to ruin your ride and look like a total amateur. Invest in some proper bags and save yourself the embarrassment.

  4. “Wow, these new bike bags by State Bicycles are a game-changer! The Top Tube Frame Bag seems like a handy addition for quick access to snacks during long rides.”

    • I couldn’t disagree more. Who needs a fancy bag for snacks? Just pack some granola bars in your pocket and save yourself the extra weight and expense. Plus, stopping to eat during a long ride is a good excuse for a break!

  5. I hate to burst your bubble, but those on-bike bags from State Bicycles are nothing special. There are plenty of other brands out there with better designs and higher quality materials. Do your research before jumping on the hype train.

    • Duct tape might work in a pinch, but bike bags provide convenience, organization, and protection for your belongings. Plus, they dont leave sticky residue all over your frame. Embrace efficiency, ditch the duct tape, and upgrade your cycling game. #BikeBagsForTheWin


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