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Sunglass Roundup: New frames from Scicon, Smith, and Rudy Project hit peak performance & style

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One of the most important components of sunglasses is a pair’s ability to make it feel like they’re not even there. The same is not true of all the other riders, who will naturally be jealous of your eye protection selection.

New designs from Scicon, Smith and Rudy Project all promise to deliver the peak of performance for cyclists of all stripes, along with head-turning detail that is sure to wow the crowd.

Scicon Aeroshade Kunken

Among the latest sunglasses to hit the market (they just launched Thursday) is Scicon’s new Aeroshade Kunken.

Aeroshade Kunken Crystal Frame.

These sunglasses feature a fully customizable Flexfit nose pad and ventilation gaps in the lens that will keep a rider cool and ensure fog doesn’t accumulate.

If these look familiar, it’s likely because you’ve seen them draped over the face of Tadej Pogacar, a cyclist of some renown. He wore the shades during his win at Il Lombardia last year.

Tadej Pogacar wearing a pari of Scicon Aeroshade Kunken sunglasses Scicon Aeroshade Kunken sunglasses combine fashion with performance, and can be seen on pros including Tadej Pogacar.

If that isn’t enough flash, the lenses of the new Aeroshade Kunken add a bit more.

Aeroshade Kunken Black Frame Mir Decor Red Lens front. Aeroshade Kunken sunglasses offer lenses that feature the Scicon logo that is not visible to the wearer.

In either red or black, the Kunken has a monogram lens that features an exterior Scicon logo pattern that is completely invisible to the wearer, but prominent to everyone else.

Aeroshade Kunken Black Frame Mir Decor Silver Lens. Aeroshade Kunken Black Frame.

The sunglasses make definitely make a statement and are available in four frame colors and seven lens colors for MSRP $220.

Smith Optics Bobcat

Woman wearing Smith Bobcat Sunglasses in a snowy outdoor space. Smith Bobcat Sunglasses come in six unique colors with six lens options.

Smith Optics’ newest full-coverage frame, the Bobcat, is designed for things like enduro, gravel grinding, or tackling snowy conditions in the backcountry.

Smith Bobcat Sunglasses in black. Smith Bobcat Sunglasses in black.

It’s not entirely dissimilar to Smith’s Wildcat, but it features a smaller fit and more lightweight feel that still brings solid coverage and good airflow.

Smith Bobcat Sunglasses in French Navy. Smith Bobcat Sunglasses in French Navy.

The Bobcat’s lenses are made with ChromaPop to sharpen details across varying terrain. They also have a bonus clear lens and a no-slip fit to keep them in place when things get chunky.

Smith Bobcat Sunglasses in Marble Smith Bobcat Sunglasses in Marble.

The bobcat comes in six color options, along with an additional six lens colors. They are available for MSRP $209 to $229.

Rudy Project Tralyx+

Lifestyle photos of people wearing Rudy Project Tralyx+ sunglasses including: a cyclist, skier, runner and hikers. Rudy Project Tralyx+ sunglasses bring feature wider lenses and adjustability to super lightweight, breathable shades.

Rudy Project’s Tralyx+ and Tralyx Slim+ features a more streamlined frame compared to the wider footprints of the Bobcat and Aeroshade Kunken, but it still meets all of the performance criteria.

Rudy Project Tralyx+ sunglass frames in matte grey. Rudy Project Tralyx+ sunglass frames in matte grey.

With two models of slightly different sizes, the Tralyx+ and Tralyx Slim+ will fit well on a wide range of face shapes.

Rudy Project Tralyx+ and Tralyx Slim+ designs. Rudy Project Tralyx+ sunglasses also come in a lower-profiled Tralyx Slim+ design.

The ear stems are made with an extended moldable inner wire to get a custom fit for added comfort, along with an adjustable nose piece to get things even more dialed.

Rudy Project Tralyx+ sunglass frames in azur matte. Rudy Project Tralyx+ sunglass frames in azur matte.

For those with prescriptions frames, both models come with an optical insert.

Rudy Project Tralyx+ sunglass frames in black Rudy Project Tralyx+ sunglass frames in black.

The Tralyx+ comes in 10 colors for an MSRP of $210. The Tralyx Slim + is the same price but only comes in seven colors.



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    • Are you serious? Squinting and pretending to be in a spy movie might work for you, but some of us actually value our eyesight. Sunglasses not only protect our eyes from harmful UV rays, but they also make us look cool. #safetyfirst

  1. Are you serious? Kaleidoscope goggles for peak style? Thats just absurd. Sunglasses not only protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, but they also look classy and timeless. Lets stick to whats practical and fashionable, shall we?


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