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Team AMANI, POC honor fallen teammate Sule Kangangi with special collection

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POC and Sule Kangangi’s Team AMANI unveiled a collection of glasses and helmets that helps commemorate the late cyclist’s inspired life.

The collaborative release was already in the pipeline, the companies said, before Kangangi tragically died at the Vermont Overland gravel race on Aug. 29. AMANI decided to keep moving forward with the gear as a tribute of sorts to their fallen teammate.

Sule Kangangi (center) and Team AMANI riders. Photos c. Finley Newmark

“The entire AMANI team and partners are still coming to terms with the recent tragic loss of team captain, Sule Kangangi, but have decided to continue with the release as the collection represents ongoing inspiration to those wishing to support the project. The release is also in respect to Sule, who was an instrumental part of the design process and who was excited to share it with the world,” the team said.

team amani Photo c. Finley Newmark

POC x AMANI gear

The POC helmets come in various colors and celebrate the AMANI riders’ home countries. Decals of the flags of Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda all decorate the buckets. They and the glasses also help highlight the unique character of each team member — ultimately, the brands decided to let each rider choose their own colors for the collection.

team amani x poc Photo c. Finley Newmark

Each helmet also includes a U.S. and Australian flag decal in a nod to team manager Mikel Delagrange and Lachlan Morton, a longtime AMANI supporter.

You’ve seen Team AMANI flashing the gear already if you’ve seen footage from a few events worldwide. The team sported it at Kenya’s Migration Gravel Race in June.

team amani x poc Photo c. Finley Newmark

POC’s Ventral Air MIPS helmets and Aspire sunglasses complete the line. POC got on the leading edge of MIPS, becoming one of the first helmet brands to offer the impact-diffusion system. But the brand only recently reintroduced it, and the Ventral Air onboarded it. Internal airflow channels seek to promote circulation at any speed. MSRP: $260.

poc ventral air mips Photo c. POC

On Aspire glasses, Carl Zeiss Vision lenses aim to render high contrast and color definition. And the glasses come with UV400 sun protection, which blocks rays to the top of the ultraviolet spectrum. Rubber touches help them stay put when the going gets sweaty. MSRP: $220.

poc sunglasses Photo c. POC

Proceeds support East African cycling

AMANI and POC said all proceeds from the limited-edition collection will support the team and its broader project: “to support East African riders and give them the opportunities to race and show the world their talent on a level playing field.”

team amani Photo c. Finley Newmark

True, no bike helmet can replace a teammate or any human being. But Team AMANI manager Mikel Delagrange spoke about the significance the new equipment represents for the riders.

“We have been racing in them for some time and take great pride in what they stand for. And now, on top of that, they are a connection to Sule that we want to share with everyone as we know he would be overjoyed seeing our team supported and our helmets and eyewear ridden all around the globe,” he said.

You can also support Kangangi’s family and Team AMANI via their GoFundMe. As of this writing, nearly 1,000 people had contributed over $84,000 to the cause.




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    • I totally disagree. Why does it matter if the gear supports East African cycling? Shouldnt it be about the quality and functionality of the products? This obsession with identity politics ruins everything.

  1. I totally disagree. This POC x AMANI gear collection is just another attempt to exploit East African culture for profit. Its cultural appropriation at its finest. Supporting local cycling is great, but lets do it in an authentic and respectful way, not through a trendy collaboration.

  2. I really dont get the hype. Why does it have to be about race? Cant we just appreciate good gear without bringing identity politics into everything? Its just cycling gear, people.

    • I must say, I find it rather gimmicky when brands exploit tragic events for their own gain. Its great to support fallen teammates, but lets not turn it into a marketing opportunity. Genuine support doesnt need a hashtag or a special collection. Just my two cents.

    • I couldnt agree more! Its fantastic to see the fusion of culture and sports. Its about time we break away from the same old, same old. Kudos to the creators for showcasing diversity and promoting a vibrant cycling community. Keep pedaling!

  3. Wow, love how Team AMANI is honoring Sule Kangangi with their special collection! Such a powerful way to support East African cycling.

  4. Team AMANI is doing great work, but I hope they also prioritize the development of local talent and infrastructure. Supporting East African cycling is fantastic, but lets make sure its sustainable and benefits the entire community.

  5. I dont understand why we need to bring race into a cycling gear collection. Cant we just appreciate good quality products without making it about identity politics? Its just another marketing gimmick if you ask me.


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