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The best gravel roofs on the market

Getting the perfect gravel tire isn’t easy. Combine grip in various conditions and good rolling ability it turns out to be quite a challenge for brands who, even today, are discovering the requirements of a discipline that covers a huge range of use, from simple and rolling routes to routes more typical of being done on a mountain bike.

On paper, it might seem that designing a tire for gravel is as simple as extrapolating existing models for MTB or cyclocross to the dimensions used in gravel. In fact, this is the philosophy applied by some brands when defining their models. In fact, the expanding the horizons of use of gravel bikes have been increasing the variety of measurements available, which adds complexity to the design of the covers that must maintain their qualities from the smallest ball versions to the most robust ones.

However, even if this methodology can work well in some circumstances, the polyvalence inherent in this modality means that a cover for gravel must be a little more.

Just one is not enough traction bomb proof when we go into the mountains. A gravel deck should also be designed to travel long distances by providing a low rolling resistance both on asphalt and on land.

Also, find the balance between one contained weight and a sufficiently resistant casing to withstand cuts and impacts when the terrain gets complicated.

We have selected for you the models that best manage to achieve this delicate balance among the different qualities that are desirable in a gravel cover.

Pirelli Cinturat RC

The Italian brand gradually became one of the favorites among gravel players thanks to the good performance of the covers. A good example is this RC version created by Pirelli to satisfy those looking for the maximum efficiency in gravel competitions. Tires derived from the famous mountain bike Scorpions and which are able to exceptionally combine a tremendous rolling capacity, without giving up the center stud, with good cornering grip and, best of all, on a wide range of terrains .

  • Price: €70
  • Weight: 540 g (700×40, black)
  • Measurements: 700×35, 700×40, 700×45
  • Versions: Black or classic sides
  • Manufacturer’s website: www.pirelli.com

Schwalbe G-One Allround Evolution Line

The German firm’s G-One line of tires offers models for almost any use we can imagine of a gravel bike. We have chosen the Allrounds which, as the name suggests, seek maximum versatility. Its low studs and rounded profile provide a excellent rolling ability while the high density of its stippling achieves a remarkable grip. On wet ground we have to spin fine as their low studs can barely bite the ground.

  • Price: €41.90
  • Weight: 480g (700×40)
  • Measurements: 700×35, 700×40, 700×45, 27.5×1.50, 27.5×2.25, 29×2.25
  • Manufacturer’s website: www.schwalbe.com

Pirelli Belt Gravel H

The Italian brand’s commitment to gravel tires has been strong. Just two models, they have just added a third, but well defined and efficient. These Cinturato Gravel H, are designed by compact and dry terrain, offering a ride on the road that is not far from a slick. Off the asphalt, contrary to what it might seem, they bring one remarkable safety in bends although, when stones and loose terrain make an appearance, they lose a lot of efficiency.

  • Price: €68.90
  • Weight: 485 g (700×40, black)
  • Measurements: 700×35, 700×40, 700×45, 650bx45
  • Versions: Black or classic sides
  • Manufacturer’s website: www.pirelli.com

Specialized Pathfinder Pro 2Bliss Ready

The Pathfinders are, without a doubt, one of them most famous competition decks of the present. We could practically say that it is 3 covers in one since its tread combines a slick central part that provides great rolling on asphalt. It rests on both sides in an area of ​​studs in the shape of a saw that add the necessary traction when we leave the black to finally complete the set with some forceful side studs that ensure a solid support when tracing curves .

  • Price: €50
  • Weight: 380g (700×38)
  • Measurements: 700×38, 700×42, 650bx47
  • Versions: flanks black or tan
  • Manufacturer’s website: www.specialized.com

Vittoria Dry Terrain

Curious design of the tread of the Italian brand’s gravel cover proposal focused on dry terrain. The central area is composed of hexagonal studs which fit together forming practically a slick configuration. However, being independent studs means that they have the necessary point of traction when we leave the asphalt. For their part, they maintain some sturdy side studs to provide safety in curves.

  • Price: 48.95
  • Weight: 700×31, 700×33, 700×35, 700×38, 650×47
  • Measurements: 490 g (700×38, anthracite)
  • Versions: anthracite or tan
  • Manufacturer’s website: www.vittoria.com

Continental Terra Speed

Versatility and speed are the hallmarks of these Terra Speed ​​​​from the German brand. Some covers too indicated for dry land due to their low studs but which, due to their small size, the arrangement in different directions: elongated and in a longitudinal position in the center and more rounded and in a transverse shape as we move towards the flanks, they achieve a phenomenal balance between good rolling and gripeven when the terrain is looser.

  • Price: €61.90
  • Weight: 465g (700×40)
  • Measurements: 700×35, 700×40, 650bx35, 650bx40
  • Versions: black or cream
  • Manufacturer’s website: www.continental-tires.com

WTB Riddler 700

The WTR Riddler are another of those decks that are very solvent in a wide variety of terrains. From rolling on compact tracks thanks to its central band with very low studs placed directionally to almost mountain bike terrain where theirs generous side studs they hold us on the bike when we seek our wildest vein.

  • Price: €50
  • Weight: 481g (700×37, 120 TPI casing)
  • Measurements: 700×37, 700×45
  • Versions: black or tan sides, 60 or 120 TPI shell
  • Manufacturer’s website: www.wtb.com

Bontrager GR1 Team Issue

Trek, through its brand of components and accessories Bontrager brings us some very fast gravel covers. These GR1s, designed for dry terrain, have a lot of very low studs, placed close together in a directional fashion on a rounded casing. The result is excellent rolling ability. Despite what it might seem with its subtle studs, the cornering grip, without being excellent, is very sharp and predictable although in complicated terrain we have to be extremely careful to avoid scares.

  • Price: €54.99
  • Weight: 430g (700×40)
  • Measurements: 700×35, 700×40
  • Versions: flanks black or brown
  • Manufacturer’s website: www.trekbikes.com



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