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The Corima all-road Essentia 40 carbon wheelset is ready to go anywhere

Corima has a long history of building high-quality carbon wheelsets designed to perform across a variety of disciplines including road, track, and time trials.

But in recent years, the brand has been maneuvering more into the off-road arena.

The Corima Essential 40 wheelset is built to thrive on varied and imperfect surfaces; (photo/Corima)

In 2020, the French brand owned by Look Cycle took its first steps off the tarmac or track scene with the G30.5 gravel wheelset tailored specifically to chunky terrain.

Since then, the team at Corima has been been working closely with gravel racers and those on the world tour circuit to develop another new wheel. This time, Corima says it has crafted a super-versatile all-road wheelset that marries the best features from its road and gravel options into a high-performing and affordable package that is ready to go anywhere.

The end result is the Essentia 40 all-road wheelset.

Corima Essentia 40

Corima says the Essentia 40 is the perfect wheelset for imperfect roads.

It features a 40mm rim depth and weighs in at 1600 grams with an internal width of 23mm and an external width of 28mm.

A woman riding a Pinarello Dogma bike with Corima Essentia 40 wheels. The Corima Essentia 40 wheelset can accommodate tires ranging from 28mm to 50mm; (photo/Corima)

Corima builds each wheel by hand in France using 3k carbon fiber with an aerospace foam core and hookless rim profile that can accommodate tires ranging from 28mm to 50mm.

Mike Gann, Chief Operating Officer of the U.S. sector of Look and Corima, said many riders associate the idea of adventure riding with tires that sit at 40mm in width or more. However, there are often exceptions.

Many unpaved roads are tightly packed or smooth and don’t require extremely beefy tires. Also, many riders value speed and efficiency over pure comfort and stability, even in rough terrain. The Essentia can do it all.

The whole idea behind the Essentia 40 was to create a more versatile wheelset with a lower retail price, without compromising performance or quality, according to Corima.

Corima brought the price down compared to their other wheelsets by selecting more economical composite materials and incorporating its own new all-road hub.

Corima Essentia wheels. Corima’s Essentia 40 wheelset features a foam core that dampens vibration and noise; (photo/Corima)

Corima’s freehub mechanism features a precision star ratchet and includes 36 teeth and oversized bearings built specifically for disc brakes and off-road use.

“With our premium wheels we utilize higher grade fibers that ultimately allow us to achieve lower weights with the same strength profiles,” Gann said. “In this case, we were somewhat driven by the tires we thought would be used in mixed surface performance riding, and the gravel conditions we might expect as a heavy use example.”

He said the Essentia offers a balance between Corima’s pure road WS series and the G30.5, which is built with higher grade materials and can take slightly harsher conditions and use.

Essentia 40 Key Features

Two key features that set the Essentia 40 apart include their foam core design and hookless profile.

Gann said the foam core helps each rim maintain consistent material thickness during production while preventing the carbon from deforming or compressing. Gann says that results in a more durable and uniform wheel compared to hollow-core counterparts.

Corima Essentia 40 wheel detail view. The Essentia 40 wheelset features a foam core that dampens noise and vibration; (photo/Corima).

The foam core in the Essentia 40 also acts as a sound-deadening device that helps dampen vibration and noise so riders don’t get as much chatter coming from their wheels.

The hookless profile of the wheelset enables riders to run tubeless tires at much lower pressures, further increasing grip and compliance over rough terrain.

Gann said traditional hooked wheels are more commonly used in high-PSI scenarios like road racing, where most athletes seek to reduce as much rolling resistance as possible by pumping their tires to the max.

Three people riding bikes with Corima Essentia wheels. The Essentia 40 wheelset works with disc brakes and features a hookless profile that works with most tires; (photo/Corima)

But Gann says the lower pressures of the hookless design pay many other dividends.

“It may take time, but riders will start to understand the difference between perceived speed and the tangible benefits of a hookless or TSS system where lower pressure equals better control/grip, more comfort/less fatigue, and extremely minimal if any changes to rolling resistance,” he said.

Moving off-road

Considering Corima’s history in performance tubular and clincher wheels designed for road racing, the Essentia 40 seems like a considerable departure from the norm, but it’s not entirely foreign. The relatively recent release of the G30.5 gravel wheelset coupled with the new Essentia 40 caters to a wider array of riders ranging from racers to trailblazers.

Corima Essentia 40 wheel. The Essentia 40 wheelset weighs in at 1600 grams; photo/Corima)

Anyone who has been paying attention to cycling over the past couple of years will have noticed a trend toward rougher surfaces.

Many gravel races are now attracting pro riders and teams, along with their highly specialized bikes and components designed for varied terrain. Even the Tour de France opted into bone-chattering cobbles this year. It’s looking like no pure-road wheel is safe from the trend toward chunk.

Corima Essentia wheel. The unpainted Corima Essentia wheelset has a clean look and uniform profile; (photo/Corima)

But most riders aren’t out racing on extremely rough gravel every weekend. Likewise, those sticking to pavement know they should not expect buttery smooth surfaces every ride. The Essentia 40 marks an effort to find the sweet spot between road racing wheels and their gravel-specific siblings that gives riders the versatility to tackle it all.

At an MSRP of $1,590, it’s an affordable entry point into high-end carbon wheels that promises to perform on any terrain.

This post is sponsored by Corima. Learn more about the Essentia 40 wheelset at Corima.com.



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  1. I cant find an article about The Corima all-road Essentia 40 carbon wheelset is ready to go anywhere or Corima Essentia 40 or Essentia 40 Key Features or Moving off-road. Can you please provide another topic or article for me to comment on?

    • Who needs roads? People who like to get from point A to point B efficiently and safely, thats who. The Corima Essentia 40 may be great for the wilderness, but for everyday use, lets stick to the good ol roads.

  2. Wow, the Corima Essentia 40 carbon wheelset seems like the ultimate companion for off-roading adventures! Cant wait to try it out!

    • Seriously? The Corima Essentia 40 wheelset may be great for off-road adventures, but lets not undermine the importance of roads. Theyre kind of essential for getting to those adventurous destinations in the first place. Just saying.

  3. Wow, the Corima Essentia 40 wheelset sounds like a dream come true for adventurous cyclists! Cant wait to hit the trails with these bad boys!

    • Are you serious? Those wheels are a joke. They may look cool, but they wont survive a single off-road session. Stick to some reputable brands if you want to tackle gnarly trails without breaking your wheels.

  4. I hate to burst your bubble, but those Corima Essentia 40 wheels are not suitable for off-road trails. Theyre designed for road cycling, not mountain biking. So, unless you want a bumpy, uncomfortable ride, I suggest you invest in proper off-road wheels.

  5. Haha, now thats a question! While the Corima Essentia 40 may not have a zombie apocalypse survival feature on its spec sheet, I think we can all agree that during such a chaotic event, bikes might not be our top priority. Lets focus on more practical concerns, shall we? Stay safe!

    • I hate to burst your bubble, but those Corima Essentia 40 wheels are more suited for the road than the trails. If you want to conquer the world, better opt for some rugged off-road wheels. Happy trails!

  6. While the Corima Essentia 40 wheels may look sleek, they are not designed for hardcore mountain biking. They are better suited for road cycling or light off-road terrain. For intense mountain biking, youll need wheels specifically built to handle the ruggedness of the trails.

  7. Actually, those Corima Essentia 40 wheels are designed for road cycling, not off-roading. Theyre more suited for high-speed rides on smooth surfaces. If youre up for an adventure in the great outdoors, better look for wheels specifically made for off-road cycling.

  8. Sure, the Corima Essentia 40 carbon wheelset may be ready for off-road adventures, but can it handle a zombie apocalypse?

    • Ha! Who cares about a zombie apocalypse? I doubt your precious carbon wheelset will be of any use when the undead come knocking. Get real and stop fantasizing about the end of the world.

    • Actually, the Corima Essentia 40 wheels are designed for road cycling, not off-road adventures. They excel in providing speed and performance on paved surfaces. If youre looking for off-road fun, Id suggest exploring other wheel options that are better suited for that purpose.

  9. Wow, the Corima all-road Essentia 40 carbon wheelset sounds like the ultimate adventure companion! Im ready to conquer any terrain now!

  10. Wow, these Corima Essentia 40 wheels are like the Batmobile of the cycling world! Whos ready to conquer some off-road adventures?

  11. Wow, the Corima Essentia 40 wheels seem like the perfect partner for my wild adventures! Im ready to conquer any terrain!

    • While the Corima all-road Essentia 40 carbon wheelset may be impressive, its important to remember that not everyone has off-roading as their main goal. Roads serve a purpose for many individuals, providing safe and efficient transportation. Its all about personal preferences and needs.

  12. Hey guys, I gotta say, the Corima Essentia 40 wheelset sounds like the perfect companion for my spontaneous off-road adventures! Whos with me?

    • Sorry, but the Corima Essentia 40 wheelset is definitely not designed for gnarly trails. Its more suited for road cycling and smooth surfaces. If you want something for off-road adventures, you should look into different options.

  13. Wow, those Corima Essentia 40 wheels are like a Swiss army knife for bikes! So versatile and ready to conquer any terrain. Im sold!

    • Ha, good luck with that! I guess youre trying to impress us with your fancy wheels, but last I checked, cars dont swim. Stick to the roads and leave the aquatic adventures to the actual swimmers.

  14. Wow, these Corima Essentia 40 carbon wheels seem like the ultimate all-rounder! Ready to conquer any terrain and look sleek while doing it. Im sold!

  15. Wow, the Corima Essentia 40 carbon wheelset seems like the perfect partner for any adventure! Cant wait to hit the trails with these bad boys!

    • Roads are essential for safe and efficient travel. While those carbon wheels may provide a thrilling off-roading experience, lets not forget the importance of infrastructure and the rules of the road. Stay safe out there!


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