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The decalogue of the good cyclist… road

6. Don’t sprint on the wheel that got you to the end

To all small groups we have some typical profiles of cyclists. The leaderthe gregarious… there are many more but this is it another list that is not the case now. The outing with your little group is not one competitioneven if it doesn’t stop being there spades some healthier than others. It has happened to all of us, especially ours beginningsthat the planned routes they demanded more from us than we could handle and it was rare that we didn’t finish the day on the edge of the bird trying to complete the route.

In these departuresI’m sure you’ve had it wheel of some good cyclist that has brought you to the end of route or to the highest of the harbor corresponding, one group mate that has adapted to yours Rhythm because you dose and you could enjoy them as much as possible last kilometers that they became so hard.

Well, another one of those unwritten rules of cyclingbut very grateful, it’s from don’t sprint in those last few meters leaving behind who knew how to take you to keep forces.

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7. Cyclist who works in the morning, kilometers who add up

if you are setting up some walk or runif the proposed route is too short for you, don’t overwhelm the others cyclists of your group If you want or need to do more miles, get up early and go out earlier, don’t force others to do more miles than they can or want and what’s worse don’t rush them out.

the in a hurry they are always bad advisors and if we talk about drive by road…worse. If you want to do more kilometerssalt before i reaches the stopping point with the group with homework done.

The decalogue of the good cyclist... road

8. Always return with what you brought

We started this one article saying that the goal is to get one good coexistence among all of us who practice cycling and among all of us who use them traffic routes That’s why there’s nothing better than collaborating keeping the roads and sidewalks clean.

Food wraps, spares, even parts… come back home with everything you’ve come up with, collaborate. If you left the house wearing an ice or a barwhy when it’s just a wrap and weighs i occupy less than before you can’t put back in your jersey pocket?

9. Training schedule for cyclists: Monday to Friday

So that, he trains from Monday to Friday, whenever we can, of course. The weekend is for go out for a ride with colleagues and enjoy. Because no matter how much level we have, we are not professionalswe don’t live from cycling. This does not take away from the fact that we take our sport seriously and dedicate ourselves to it time and effort, a lot of effort to achieve results and an improvement of ours performance.

But we never forget why we start cyclingthe motivation of the majority it was simply have funspend some time with them friends and by the way do a bit of sport. We don’t obsess, always leave blank for go out for a ride with colleagues, to simply have fun riding a bike.

The decalogue of the good cyclist... road

10. In cycling there is also the third time

As ours says friend and colleague J. Daniel Hernándezthe third half (like in rugby) is also important… you know what we mean, don’t you?… so this, in the canesthat not everything will be training…



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