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The New Delta Cycle Heavy Duty Vertical Rack Allows for Easy, Space-Saving eBike Storage

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The team at Delta Cycles has been releasing practical cycling products for 30 years using US-based design and engineering. And today they bring us two more products for the everyday cyclist, the Stem Phone Bag and the Two Bike Heavy Duty Vertical Rack.

The Stem Phone Bag

Photo c. Delta Cycles

In addition to the already extensive line of bike bags, Delta’s new Stem Phone Bag is an interesting way to mount your phone – and keys, food, and more. With this new bag, you can bring your phone and small supplies and have it readily accessible and within arms reach. It looks like it has a pretty small footprint in the cockpit, where sometimes usable space can be minimal.

This phone and storage solution mounts to the stem of any one of the bicycles in your stable, be it a mountain bike, gravel bike, road, or commuter. It keeps your apps and maps on your phone easily viewable in, what Delta says is an optimal viewing angle.

Conveniently combining both a phone mount and a small storage bag into one, the Stem Phone Bag also keeps your goodies safe and easily accessible, like your wallet, spare tube, keys, snacks, and small multitool.

The new bag mounts easily with three hook and loop straps, wot the front strap designed to attach a front light.

The clear TPU screen on the bag means that the touchscreen of your phone can still be used while the phone is inside the bag. Delta uses water-resistant materials in the construction of the Stem Phone Bag keeping your valuables safe and free from moisture.

The Stem Phone bag is said to hold phones from 4″ up to 6.7″ and can be added to any stem with at least 85mm length or larger. The bag itself is 205mm (8″) in length, 64mm (2.5″) tall at the front and tapering to 40mm (1.5″) closer to the rider, and 122mm wide (4.8″).

Retail is: $29.99

Two Bike Heavy Duty Vertical Rack

Delta Cycles Heavy Duty Vertical rack apartment Photo c. Delta Cycles

Thanks to their hefty weight, ebikes aren’t the easiest things to store. But since the weight is often centered towards the back of the bike, they can usually be lifted onto the rear wheel – and then rolled into a rack such as the new Two Bike Heavy Duty Vertical Rack from Delta.

This new freestanding rack can easily be moved from the garage, home, apartment, or office. There are no tools needed for assembly or setup, plus it’s free-standing so no holes need to be drilled into walls. The Two-Bike Heavy Duty Upright Stand has a weight capacity of 75lbs per wheel tray (150lbs total), so it could be used for most ebikes.

This new rack has spring-loaded wheel trays which Delta says will provide a secure custom fit for your bike. The Stand will easily adjust to fit most bikes from 20″ wheels to 29″ wheels and tire sizes up to 3.5″ wide.

The whole rack is powder-coated grey for durability. Wheel trays are easily and quickly adjusted using a quick-release type cam enabling you to slide the trays either up or down. The vertical, space-saving design of this rack makes it ideal for smaller spaces and only has a footprint of 24×33. The wheel trays are designed to protect your frame while the wide-stance legs, integrated rubber feet, and built-in rear wheel stoppers keep your bike secure while also keeping it off of the floor.

The Two-Bike Heavy Duty Upright Stand is 34″ wide (total), and stands 61.25″ tall with a depth of 24″.

Retail is $179.99




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    • Im sorry, but I couldnt find the comment you are referring to. Can you please provide more context or specify the comment you would like me to respond to?

  1. I gotta say, this new Delta Cycle Heavy Duty Vertical Rack is a game-changer! Finally, no more tripping over my eBike in the garage, thank goodness! And dont even get me started on the Stem Phone Bag – genius invention! Now I can navigate and jam to tunes while riding. But hey, what about a Heavy Duty Vertical Rack for three bikes? Just saying, some of us have a lot of two-wheeled babies to store!

  2. I couldnt disagree more. This Delta Cycle Heavy Duty Vertical Rack is nothing but overhyped junk. Its flimsy and certainly not worth the price tag. Id rather invest in a more reliable storage solution for my eBike.

    • Im sorry, but I have to disagree. This eBike storage rack seems like just another overpriced gimmick. Why not invest in some good old-fashioned hooks and save your hard-earned money? Its not rocket science to keep your bike organized.

    • Vertical racks for eBikes are definitely a game changer! They save space and make storage a breeze. Ive been using one for a while and its been a game changer for my garage organization. Highly recommend! #eBikeStorageSolutions

  3. Wow, this new Delta Cycle rack is a game changer for eBike owners! Finally, space-saving storage made easy. #needoneasap

  4. Im really impressed by the new Delta Cycle Heavy Duty Vertical Rack! Finally, a space-saving solution for my eBike storage needs. And dont even get me started on the Stem Phone Bag – genius invention! But hey, what about the Two Bike Heavy Duty Vertical Rack? Any thoughts on that?

  5. I disagree. I find the Delta Cycle Heavy Duty Vertical Rack to be overhyped. There are more practical and cost-effective options available for eBike storage. Do your research before jumping on the bandwagon.

  6. Seriously? Weve got bigger problems to worry about than where to store your fancy hoverboard. Maybe focus on real issues like climate change or poverty instead of your first-world hoverboard storage dilemma. #priorities


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