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The new Ritchey WCS Zeta GX wheelset rolls wide gravel rims & new WCS sealed hubs

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Hailing from San Carlos, California, Ritchey Design has been providing the cycling world with innovative and kick-ass products for decades. Tom Ritchey, one of the legendary pioneers of the mountain bike in the 70’s, is still involved with design as the president of Ritchey. Their new WCS Zeta GX wheelset builds on those 50 years of experience, now with a focus on adventure.

This new wheelset does look very promising… it’s handbuilt, available, and selling for a price that is pretty damn wallet-friendly!

Photo c. Ritchey

Let’s just start with the fact that Ritchey says these new wheels are “directly inspired by the reliability and top performance of the original Zeta Wheels, but meant shine in gravel.”  

Ritchey WCS Zeta GX wheelset

New WCS front hub

Ritchey WCS Zeta GX wheelset

New WCS rear hub.

The new WCS Zeta GX wheelset is a 28-hole, hand-built, and tubless-ready wheelset that uses the new Ritchey WCS hubs which have sealed bearings and Centerlock brake rotor mounts.

Ritchey WCS Zeta GX wheelset in action From the rear.

The Ritchey WCS rear hub on this wheelset uses the precise dual-star Ratchet Driver with 36-point engagement which Ritchie says will “provide reliable engagement, no matter the terrain.” Plus the rear hub can be disassembled without any tools, making the hub easy to service, possibly resulting in a headache-free experience. Drivers that are available for the hub include Shimano Hyperglide, SRAM XDR, and Campy N3W. The hubs are available in BOOST 110/148 and 100/142mm spacing.

Ritchey WCS Zeta GX wheelset DT Swiss Competition tapered spokes.

The spokes used on this wheelset are the DT Swiss Competition spokes that taper from 2.0 to 1.8. This combo Ritchey claims “males for a very robust wheelset that is strong where you need it and shaves weight where available.” 

Ritchey WCS Zeta GX wheelset In action!
Ritchey WCS Zeta GX wheelset The WCS Zeta GX rim,

The rims on the Zeta GX wheelset are 6066 aluminum and feature a 25mm inner rim width, and are tubless-ready, being taped from the factory. All you need is a valve and some sealant and you are ready to rip.

Ritchey WCS Zeta GX wheelset The WCS Zeta wheelset can use up to 50mm tires.

Retail: $599

More specification deets:

  • Rims: 6066 alloy Tubeless Ready with tubeless tape applied – OCR offset
  • Rim depth: 19mm
  • Rim inner/outer width: 25.5/29mm
  • Suggested tire size range: 30mm-50mm
  • Hubs: forged disc hubs and sealed bearings
  • Freewheel: Ratchet Driver with 36-point engagement
  • Freehub material: alloy
  • Freehub options: Shimano / SRAM XD-Road / Campagnolo (N3W and backwards compatible specs)
  • Compatibility: Shimano 9/10/11-speed and 12-speed road cassette – SRAM XD/ XDR – Campagnolo 10/11/13s (freehub conversion kits available separately)
  • Disc brake compatibility: Centerlock (hub center-lock lockrings available separately)
  • Available in BOOST and 100/142 spacing
  • Spokes: DT Competition 2.0/1.8 double butted
  • Front: 28 spokes / 2x lacing • Rear: 28 spokes / 2x lacing • Nipples: 2.0 brass 12mm
  • Weight: 700c: 1840g/set 650b: 1740g/set (w/tubeless tape installed) • Color: black

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  1. Eh, Ive tried those Ritchey wheels before and theyre overhyped. They may look cool, but they dont perform as well as they claim. Dont get your hopes up too high.

    • Well, everyone has their own preferences, but wider gravel rims have their advantages. They offer better stability, traction, and control on rough terrains. So, why not embrace progress and enhance your riding experience?

    • I hate to burst your bubble, but this wheelset is nothing special. There are plenty of options out there that can handle gravel riding just fine. Dont get too hyped up before you actually put it to the test.

    • I hate to burst your bubble, but Ritchey wheels are overhyped. They may look flashy, but they wont magically transform your off-road experience. Save your money and invest in skill development instead.

  2. Wow, these new Ritchey wheels are like the superheroes of the gravel world! Ready to conquer any terrain with their wide rims and sealed hubs. Time to hit the trails!

    • I hate to burst your bubble, but calling wheels superheroes seems a bit exaggerated. They might be good, but theyre still just wheels. Lets not get carried away with the hype.

  3. Eh, personally I dont see the hype. Ive had my fair share of wheels, and Ritchey just doesnt cut it for me. Maybe its just a matter of preference, but Ill stick to my tried and true options. Happy shredding though!

    • Those wheels might look slick, but Id rather stick with my tried and true ones. Dont need any fancy gimmicks to shred gravel trails. But hey, to each their own! Enjoy your ride.

  4. Those wheels may look good, but dont be fooled by appearances. Ive heard theyre prone to cracking under pressure. Do some research before you drop your hard-earned cash on them. Better safe than sorry.

    • I dont get the hype. Ive been riding gravel for years and never felt the need for fancy wheels. Seems like a marketing ploy to me. Stick to what works and save your money for real upgrades.

  5. Those wheels may look cool, but I highly doubt theyll hold up when you hit some serious trails. Stick with tried and true brands if you actually want to shred gravel, not just look the part.

  6. Wow, those new Ritchey WCS Zeta GX wheels sound like the perfect fit for my gravel adventures! Cant wait to try them out!


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