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Tiago Ferreira joins BH and takes to the gravel with his own team, Vouzela BH

The Portuguese Tiago Ferreira is one of the best bikers in the history of the XCM and for 2024 he will start a new stage with his own team, the Vouzela BH

Tiago Ferreira has won almost everything in the XCM, he has been World Champion, European Champion and won in the best races of the modality, without going any further, just a few months ago he won the Brazil Ride ahead of ‘Henrique Avancini.

Photo: Redbull Portugal

Looking ahead to 2024, he will make a radical turn in his sports career. He will compete for Vouzela BH, his own team, in a tailor-made calendar where gravel will play a major role.

This is how Tiago Ferreira himself explained this new project:

“In June I started talking to some teams, but I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t what I wanted. The possibility of creating an individual team came up and I saw the opportunity to do it. I think it’s the best at the moment”

“I came to BH through a friend and it was very easy to close a deal. I knew quickly that I would compete with BH.”

“It will be a different season than what I have done so far. I will do more gravel and I will not focus only on results, I am also looking to be an image and face some record like I did in the past. I will do 3 or 4 races in America, MTB and gravel. It will be something different. I also keep the goal of doing as well as possible at the European and World Cup. But above all, I want to do well on gravel. I think I can do well in this modality.”

“It was like changing the world. I have always had problems on technical descents and after a few weeks of training with the BH Lynx Race they have now disappeared. It’s a huge leap in quality. I’m sure it will make a big difference.” The new BH GravelX is also on hand. “I was surprised that I can have stiffness and comfort at the same time. Which is not easy to achieve. And with the BH GravelX I have it. It’s a super competitive bike, ideal for what I want to do.”

“I will compete where I want. I will do the races I like and the calendar I prefer. I am motivated with my project and with the brands that support me. I am very motivated this 2024.”

The municipality of Vouzela will be one of the main sponsors along with BH. Located in the center of Portugal, Vouzela has been committed to outdoor sports for many years and especially MTB, with countless marked itineraries to enjoy the best routes.

In addition, Ferreira will continue to have the support of Red Bull and the project is also joined by brands such as Sram, RockShox, Zipp and Time who will equip the BH GravelX and BH Lynx Race of the Portuguese for 2024.



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