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Token RoubX Prime Disc Brake Wheelset – A Comprehensive Review

Token RoubX Prime Disc Brake Allroad Wheelset: A Review

About Token

Token is more than just a bike company. With a decade of experience, they have been making high-quality and innovative products for riders who love to ride. Their pride and craftsmanship can be seen in every Token product.

The Evolution of the Bicycle Industry

In the past ten years, the bicycle industry has seen significant advancements. Electronic drivetrains and disc brakes have become standard, and gravel bikes have gained popularity among riders seeking adventure and camaraderie. Carbon fiber wheelsets are now the norm, even for gravel cycling. Token, a ten-year industry veteran, has joined the gravel party with their new carbon wheel option, the RoubX Prime Disc Brake Allroad Wheelset.

Design and Specifications

The RoubX wheelset is designed to be versatile, suitable for cyclocross, cross country mountain bike, and gravel bike use. Its hookless, tubeless rim supports a wide range of tire sizes, from 700c x 38mm to 29 x 2.1″. Token’s RAR rim profile ensures exceptional performance.

The front wheel weighs 710.5g, while the rear wheel weighs 833g. The rims are 33mm deep and have a width of 31.1mm externally and 25.3mm internally. The wheelset features Pillar’s Wing 14G stainless steel bladed and butted aero spokes and 14 gauge, external aluminum nipples.

The “D1” Hubs

At the heart of the RoubX Prime Disc Brake Allroad Wheelset are Token’s “D1” hubs. These hubs have high-quality “Premium” bearings and utilize Shimano’s centerlock disc brake rotor mounting standard. The wheelset comes configured for thru-axle front and rear but can be easily converted to support regular quick releases.

Installation and Performance

Rotor installation is effortless with the center lock system. The wheelset is compatible with a variety of tires, and mounting them is a straightforward process. The Token RoubX wheelset’s weight of 1,543 grams allows for excellent acceleration and handling, especially in crosswinds. While the aero effect on gravel may be debatable, these wheels felt fast during the review. They stayed true and performed well in various riding conditions, proving their durability.

Token offers different livery options for the RoubX wheelset, including a more vibrant fluoro green design. The wheelset can be paired with tires that have tan or brown sidewalls to add a touch of class to your bike.

With a solid engagement system and quiet freewheel operation, the RoubX wheelset is suitable for gravel riding. Token does not specify a weight limit for the wheelset, but it has performed well for riders weighing between 155lbs to 160lbs (69kg to 71kg).

In conclusion, the Token RoubX Prime Disc Brake Allroad Wheelset offers exceptional performance and versatility for riders seeking a reliable and high-quality wheelset for their gravel adventures.



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