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Topeak’s 10g Carbon Bottle Cage, Pump Work Stands, Bikepacking Bags, and More!

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Topeak’s Taipei Cycle Show booth had the newest stuff of any booth I saw, and there are a lot of very interesting new ideas, gadgets, and tools here — all of which are as yet unreleased, with minimal info available, but there’s a lot to be known simply from the photos.

It was the ultralight collection of water bottle cages that caught my eye first, ranging from just 10 g up to 15.5 g for road, gravel, and mountain bike use, so we’ll start there.

The new Feza Light bottle cage line is led by the R10S 10g Kevlar-reinforced tubular carbon fiber bottle cage. This one’s for road bike use only, but …

Topeak Feza G12 gram carbon Kevlar gravel bike bottle cage

… the Feza G12 is a 12g bottle cage for gravel bikes. Also carbon fiber with Kevlar, it’s presumably just a bit stronger or holds tighter. Or both.

Topeak Feza Light M16 15.5 gram carbon Kevlar MTB bottle cage

The heaviest of the bunch is the MT16, a 15.5g mountain bike bottle cage that’s also a Kevlar-reinforced carbon fiber material. I think I could suck it up for that matte-black finish and put this clunker on my road bike too.

Topeak floor pump work stand

This combo bike stand and floor pump has fold-out legs that are long enough to counterbalance an eMTB’s weight. The clever design holds your bike while you pump up the tires, but I’m not sure the non-drive side pedal would clear it for spinning the cranks for minor maintenance, cleaning, or tuning.

It’s a two-stage pump, filling up high-volume tires quickly, then switching to a high-pressure pump for finishing off-road bike tires.

Topeak prepstand T3X bike work stand mount

The Topeak Prepstand T3X is a three-axis frame mount that doesn’t clamp to your seatpost to hold your bike. Not sure how this works around any patents the SILCA-owned Hirobel mount may have, but it’s a safer way to hold your bike in the work stand without putting pressure on carbon tubes.

Topeak TetraFender with universal fit strap mounts

These TetraFender M1 and M2 mountain bike-size fenders use universal fit straps to mount to almost any bike and fork. They provide much broader coverage than the typical fork and saddle-mounted options.

Topeak bikepacking frame and seatpost bags shown on a gravel bike

Topeak’s collection of bikepacking frame bags, saddle bags, and mounts continues to grow, making a good argument for e-gravel bikes.

Topeak Pakgo TT hardshell travel case for TT and triathlon bikes

Topeak’s Pakgo line is expanding with a TT version for longer, weirder triathlon and time trial bikes. The built-in tray captures the fork’s axle and straps around the BB area to keep it secure, then adds Velcro-equipped pads and parts management to keep everything secure and rattle-free.

Topeak Ratchet 'n' Roll tool pouch with Allen bits and torque wrench

The Ratchet ‘n’ Roll tool roll comes with various Allen and Torx bits, a torque wrench, a ratchet driver, plus extensions. Straps let you mount it to your frame or stuff it in a pack or jersey pocket.

Topeak integrated saddle bag and tool, light mounts

Lastly, a new series of saddle bag mounts combine accessory, tool, and light mounts into a modular system that lets you swap things in and out.

No word on pricing or availability for any of these products yet.




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    • While your MacGyver-style solution may work in a pinch, investing in a carbon bottle cage offers numerous benefits. It provides a secure and convenient way to carry your drink, reduces the risk of spills, and adds a touch of style to your bike. Dont compromise on quality.

  1. Wow, the Topeak 10g Carbon Bottle Cage sounds like the ultimate lightweight accessory! Cant wait to try it out on my bikepacking adventures!

  2. I hate to burst your bubble, but those bottle cages wont make your bike fly. Maybe you should focus on improving your pedaling technique instead of relying on gimmicky accessories. Just saying.

  3. Wow, Topeaks new carbon bottle cage is so light, its practically weightless! Who needs water anyway? #FeatherweightCyclist

    • I hate to burst your bubble, but a bottle cage isnt going to magically transform your riding experience. Its just a fancy accessory. Focus on improving your skills and fitness instead of wasting money on unnecessary gadgets.

    • Haha, I highly doubt a bottle cage can make your bike fly, mate. Unless youve discovered some secret anti-gravity technology. But hey, if it makes you feel faster, go for it!

  4. Sorry to burst your bubble, but carbon bottle cages are designed to be lightweight, not flashy fashion accessories. Neon colors might compromise the strength and durability of the material. Stick to the basics and focus on performance instead of aesthetics.

    • Im sorry to burst your bubble, but the Topeaks 10g Carbon Bottle Cage is overhyped. I tried it and it broke within a week. Stick to the tried and tested options, mate.

  5. I cant find an article about Topeaks 10g Carbon Bottle Cage, Pump Work Stands, Bikepacking Bags, and More! to base my opinion on. Could you provide more information or suggest another topic?

    • I understand your frustration, but its important to be resourceful when seeking information. Try searching for alternative sources or broaden your search criteria. Dont solely rely on one article to form your opinion; its always good to explore multiple perspectives.

    • Backpacks are practical and versatile. Fancy bags might be cool for short trips, but when it comes to long hauls and rough terrain, a durable backpack will always outperform those fragile bikepacking bags. Functionality over fancy looks, my friend.

  6. I cant seem to find the specific article you mentioned about Topeaks products, but Ive got a random and unpredictable opinion for you! Who needs a 10g carbon bottle cage when you can just duct tape your water bottle to the bike? #MacGyverLife

    • Duct tape may work in a pinch, but investing in quality gear like Topeaks carbon bottle cage ensures durability and performance. Its about finding what works for you, but lets not dismiss the benefits of well-designed products. #GearMatters

    • Its all about priorities, mate. If shaving off a few grams is worth emptying your wallet, go for it. But personally, Id rather spend my hard-earned cash on something more substantial than a fancy bottle holder.

  7. Yeah, who needs a lighter bottle cage? Its not like shaving off grams can make any difference in performance. *Eye roll* But hey, if people want to spend their money on it, who am I to judge? Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

  8. Seriously? Carrying air? Who cares about the weight of a water bottle cage? Focus on the quality and durability instead. Dont get fooled by gimmicks.

    • Hate to burst your bubble, but a fancy bottle cage wont magically transform your bike into a speed machine. Spend your money on something that actually improves performance, like aerodynamic wheels or a proper bike fit.

    • Well, some of us actually prefer lightweight equipment for a smoother ride. But hey, if youre into the extra workout of lugging around heavy bottles, power to you. Different strokes for different folks, right?

    • Why not get both? A carbon bottle cage for weight optimization and bikepacking bags for extra storage. Dont limit yourself, go all out and enjoy the best of both worlds. Happy riding!

    • Are you kidding me? Clearly, you dont understand the importance of weight reduction in cycling. Every gram counts, and a 10g carbon bottle cage can make a significant difference in performance. Quit whining about the price and appreciate the innovation. #seriouscyclist

  9. Seriously? Who cares about the weight of a bottle cage? Its not like its gonna make you an Olympic champion. Focus on your cycling skills instead of obsessing over grams.

  10. You clearly dont understand the purpose of a bottle cage. Its not about the weight of the water bottle, its about securely holding it in place while riding. Lightweight carbon cages might be fancy, but theyre not always practical or cost-effective.


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