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UCI Gravel World Championships moved to Treviso, wait for full route detail continues

Further information on the 2023 UCI Gravel World Championships, now only four weeks away, has been revealed with the UCI announcing the start and finish locations of the October 7 and 8 races.

It’s long been known that the race for rainbows would again be held in the Veneto region of Italy, which was also home to the first World Championships last October. However, as the time to the race drew closer and route details were still not announced, reports started circulating in the Italian media that there would be a last minute change of organisers and planning for an entirely new course was underway. 

In 2022 the race, organised by Filippo Pozzato and his PP Sport Events company, started in Vicenza then passed through Padova before arriving in the municipality of Cittadella. 

A dispute has lead to a late change in location. This year races will set off from the Le Bandie lake near Treviso and then head to Pieve di Soligo, where riders will take on different gravel loops.

“The course starts with a long flat section, predominately on gravel, from Treviso to Pieve di Soligo where the athletes will pass over the finish line a first time,” the UCI announced.

“They will then complete a loop including more paved sections and more elevation – thanks to several short steep climbs – before a second passage across the finish.”

The final loop will start with a flat gravel section followed by two punchy ascensions in the final 20km, the last of which has its summit 6km from the finish line. In total, the riders will tackle more climbing than at the first edition of the UCI Gravel World Championships.”

The women’s races will unfold on Saturday, October 7 along with the men’s 50+ categories while the remainder of the men’s events will take place on Sunday, October 8. Last year the elite women’s race covered 140km while the elite men’s race was 194km long.

Race distances and full race routes have still to be revealed. 

“More details about the routes of the UCI Gravel World Championships will be released shortly,” said the UCI.

Changes to race organisers were not an issue broached by the UCI release but Italian media, including Tuttobici website, reported that it would now be a collaboration between Massimo Panighel’s Pedali di Marca, Lucio Paladin’s Ciclistica Provinciale di Treviso and the Treviso Provincial Committee of the Italian Cycling Federation, with the support of the Veneto Region.

Riders earn the right to race in the UCI Gravel World Championships either by qualifying through the Gravel World Series or receiving a wild card from their national federation. 

In 2022 Gianni Vermeersch claimed the first elite men’s title while Pauline Ferrand-Prevot secured the women’s rainbow jersey.



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    • Treviso may not be a popular choice, but thats what makes it exciting. Who needs predictable routes? Im all for unexpected twists and turns. Its about time the race kept us on our toes. Cant wait to see what Treviso has in store for us!

    • Treviso? Seriously? What a dull choice. There are so many other locations that would have been more thrilling. I guess well have to settle for mediocrity this year.

  1. Finally, a chance to witness some epic gravel action in beautiful Treviso! Cant wait for the full route details to be revealed. #BringOnTheGravel

  2. Treviso for the UCI Gravel World Championships? Are you serious? Thats like having a beach volleyball tournament in the middle of the Sahara. Gravel racing should be about rugged terrain, not quaint Italian towns. Disappointed already.

  3. I cant find the specific article you mentioned, but its great that UCI Gravel World Championships are moving to Treviso! Cant wait for the full route details, its gonna be epic!

  4. I cant find the specific article you mentioned, but Im happy to write an opinion about the UCI Gravel World Championships being moved to Treviso based on what youve mentioned. Here it is:

    Wow, Treviso! Thats unexpected. Cant wait to see the full route, hope its epic!

    • Seriously? The moon? How about we keep it realistic? Treviso is a charming city with its own unique appeal. Not everything has to be flashy and over-the-top. Give it a chance before dismissing it.

    • Treviso, really? Come on, there are way more exciting locations for the Gravel World Championships! I hope they reconsider and choose a more thrilling route. #NotImpressed

  5. Wow, Treviso for the UCI Gravel World Championships? Thats gonna be one epic race! Cant wait for all the mud-splattering action!

  6. Who else is excited for the UCI Gravel World Championships in Treviso? Cant wait for the route details to be revealed! #gravelgrind

    • Are you serious? Gravel bikes tearing up the countryside? What a ridiculous idea. Its called the Gravel World Championships for a reason, not the Pleasant Stroll World Championships. Lets see who can actually conquer the terrain, shall we?

  7. Wow, Treviso? Thats a curveball! Cant wait to see the route, fingers crossed for some epic gravel sections! #UCIGravelWorldChamps

    • I highly doubt anyone will conquer that route in Treviso. Its just another overhyped challenge for attention-seeking cyclists. Save your energy for something meaningful instead of wasting it on these pointless endeavors.

  8. I cant find an article specifically about the UCI Gravel World Championships moved to Treviso, wait for full route detail continues. Could you provide another topic or article for me to comment on?

    • Hey there! If youre interested in another topic, how about checking out the latest cycling events happening around the world? There are plenty of exciting races and championships worth discussing. Let me know if you need any recommendations. Happy reading!

  9. Wow, cant believe they moved the UCI Gravel World Championships to Treviso! Exciting times ahead, cant wait for the full route details to be revealed. Let the gravel madness begin!

    • Really? I think its a terrible decision. Treviso lacks the rugged terrain necessary for a true gravel challenge. They should have stuck with a location that truly embodies the essence of gravel riding. Disappointed, to say the least.

    • Treviso? Seriously? What a disappointment! The UCI Gravel World Championships should have stayed in its rightful place. This move seems like a poor decision. I hope the route details make up for it.

  10. Wow, Treviso? Thats definitely a unique choice for the UCI Gravel World Championships! Cant wait for the full route details to be revealed, its like a mystery adventure!

  11. I cant really form an opinion on this as I have no idea what UCI Gravel World Championships are. Sounds interesting though!

  12. Wow, I cant wait to see the epic gravel routes in Treviso! Whos joining me for some muddy adventures? #UCIGravelWorldChampionships

  13. I bet theyll throw in some treacherous mud pits and bone-rattling cobblestone sections. Its not a world championship if it doesnt push the limits. Cant wait to see who comes out on top!


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