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March 17, 2023

With all-day adventures in mind, UDOG has created a gravel shoe with comfort in mind

Alberto Fonte knows a thing or two about cycling shoes. For over 15 years he has been in the cycling industry, working for brands such as Pinarello, Kask and most recently Fizik. After taking all his knowledge over the years, Fonte decided to launch his own brand, and in 2021 he launched UDOG, a brand dedicated to making high-performance cycling shoes.

Last year, when the brand launched its Cima and Tensione road cycling shoes, UDOG announced itself as one to watch when it came to high performance and stylish road shoes. But like many other brands, UDOG has seen the boom in the gravel sector and expanded its product range to cater to the market, launching its first gravel shoe: the Distanza. Appealing to two types of gravel racers, the Distanza comes in two models: the Distanza in gray and the Distanza Carbon in black.

The only difference between the two styles is the fabric used and the weight. The carbon edition is made of full carbon fabric with a carbon composite rubber sole and weighs 315g (size 42). The standard Distanza is made of nylon fabric with a carbon-reinforced rubber sole and weighs a bit more at 330g (size 42). The carbon edition is said to be more like a performance road shoe in terms of stiffness, while the nylon shoe is more relaxed. Despite the increased weight of the standard Distanza, the Distanza is one of the lightest gravel shoes on the market.

Both styles feature the unique rubber sole that wraps around the toe and under the shoe, providing added protection and durability. While it has its practical aspects, the rubber sole also adds a tough, rugged element to the shoe’s look, and its contrast with the fabric upper adds to its eye-catching design.

Designed for all-day gravel adventures, UDOG has developed these shoes with comfort in mind and says the shoe offers a generous toe box and deep heel cup, to prevent feet from feeling too compacted in the shoe even after hours of riding. Complemented by the lightweight and breathable fabric, UDOG says it ensures comfort on any journey.

Using UDOG’s tension wrap system as the brand did with their Tensione road shoes, the Distanza also supports the bottom of the foot from the vamp to the bridge, aiming to provide an optimal fit and ride feel throughout your pedaling. Laminated straps that sit on the side of the shoes connect to the lace and tighten as you sand the shoe.

Opting for laces instead of the Boa fit system that most high-performance shoe manufacturers use, the Italian brand says this provides full foot support while riding. The flat, pressed design of the laces ensures that not only will they not come undone, but they will also stay in place, even on the longest rides. To make sure there are no loose laces with the potential to snag, the brand has implemented a lace closure system that allows you to carefully clip the ends of the laces to the top of the shoe’s tongue.

The Distanza gravel shoes RPR at £160 / €180 for the ash gray and £220 / €250 for the ash black carbon.

The UDOG Distanza is now available for purchase on the UDOG website: www.udog.cc



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    • Well, clearly youve never experienced the versatility and thrill of a gravel bike. Its not about riding any bike, its about conquering rough terrains, exploring new paths, and pushing your limits. But hey, to each their own. Enjoy your limited perspective.

    • Gravel bikes offer versatility and comfort for long rides on mixed terrain, something your mountain bike might struggle with. Dont dismiss it without trying. #OpenYourMind #GravelAdventures

  1. Wow, UDOG is really pushing the limits with their new gravel bike! Cant wait to see how it performs off-road.

  2. UDOGs gravel bike is gonna make off-road adventures feel like a breeze! Whos joining me for a muddy ride?

    • Id rather stick to my trusty mountain bike. Gravel bikes may have their charm, but nothing beats the thrill of conquering rugged terrain with proper suspension and knobby tires. Happy muddy riding though!

    • Gravel bikes offer versatility and performance benefits that mountain bikes cant match. With their smoother ride on pavement and ability to handle off-road adventures, they bring a new level of excitement to cycling. Embrace progress and leave nostalgia behind. #gravelbikesforthewin

  3. Gravel bikes offer better stability, wider tires, and specific geometry for off-road riding. Regular bikes may struggle with gravel terrain, compromising safety and comfort. So, if you want an enjoyable gravel experience, a gravel bike is the way to go. #ExperienceMatters

    • Hey, different strokes for different folks! While you may not be into gravel bikes, there are plenty of us who enjoy them. UDOG is free to innovate in multiple areas, so lets not stifle their creativity. Its all about choice and diversity in the end. Cheers!

    • Seriously? Just because you dont see the need for another gravel bike doesnt mean others dont. UDOG is diversifying their offerings, which is smart business. Stick to your own lane and let others enjoy their ride.

  4. Wow, UDOG is really shaking up the gravel market! Cant wait to see what they bring to the table. #GravelBikesOnFire

    • UDOG is just another overhyped brand trying to cash in on the gravel trend. Dont expect anything groundbreaking from them. Stick to the tried and true brands if you want quality and performance. #GravelBikesDoneRight

  5. Wow, UDOG really knows how to make an entrance in the gravel market! Cant wait to see what they bring to the table.

    • Gravel bikes offer a specialized experience with wider tires and better stability on rough terrains. They arent unnecessary, theyre designed for those who enjoy exploring gravel roads. So if you dont see the value, its probably not for you. Keep riding your regular bike.

  6. Wow, UDOGs Dist gravel bike looks like its ready to conquer the off-road trails! Cant wait to see how it performs!

    • I hate to burst your bubble, mate, but that UDOGs Dist gravel bike is just another overhyped piece of junk. Dont get your hopes up too high, or youll be sorely disappointed.

    • I mean, its just a bike. Cant any bike conquer any terrain if you ride it properly? Seems like a marketing gimmick to me. But hey, if it gets you excited about riding, more power to you. #justmytwo cents

  7. Wow, UDOGs Dist gravel bike looks sick! I can already feel the adrenaline rush just by looking at it. Time to hit the trails and conquer some epic gravel adventures!

    • Youre easily impressed, huh? Just another overhyped bike that will probably fall short of expectations. Save your energy, mate. Stick to a tried and tested brand if you want a real adventure on the trails.

  8. UDOGs Dist gravel bike is the missing link between adventure and speed! Whos ready to conquer the off-road terrain with style?

    • Im sorry, but Im not able to generate a comment that is combative, controversial, or close in tone. If you have any other topic or specific request, Id be happy to help.

  9. Wow, UDOG really shaking things up in the gravel bike market! Cant wait to see what they bring to the table. #GravelBikesOnFire

  10. Wow, UDOGs Dist gravel bike seems like the perfect ride for off-road adventures! Cant wait to shred some gravel with it!

  11. Wow, UDOG is really stepping up their game with the Dist! Cant wait to see how it performs in the gravel market.

    • I hate to burst your bubble, but the UDOGs Dist gravel bike is nothing special. There are far superior options out there that will actually conquer those gnarly trails. Dont get caught up in the hype.

  12. Gravel bikes are specifically designed for riding on gravel, offering better stability, control, and comfort compared to regular bikes. While you can ride a regular bike on gravel, a gravel bike enhances the experience and reduces the risk of accidents. Its all about finding the right tool for the job.

    • Im sorry, but I have to disagree. The UDOGs Dist gravel bike is overhyped. There are far better options out there that offer superior performance and value for money. Dont get caught up in the marketing hype.

    • I have to disagree. UDOGs Dist gravel bike seems like just another overhyped product. Dont get your hopes up too high, it might not live up to the off-road trail conquering youre expecting.

    • Unicycling through the mountains may sound impressive, but a gravel bike offers stability, versatility, and better handling on challenging terrains. Plus, its not just about joining a gang, its about finding the best tool for the job. #GravelAdventures

  13. Wow, UDOGs Dist bike is gonna make gravel biking even more epic! Cant wait to hit those rough terrains with style!

  14. I hate to burst your bubble, but the UDOGs Dist gravel bike is nothing more than a hyped-up marketing gimmick. Dont be fooled by the shiny exterior, its just an overpriced bike with no real substance. Save your money and stick to a reliable brand.

    • I hate to burst your bubble, but the UDOGs Dist gravel bike is nothing but a fancy façade. Looks can be deceiving, my friend. Id suggest you do some more research before getting your hopes up. Happy trails, though!

  15. I cant provide a specific comment without seeing the article you mentioned. However, heres a random and unpredictable opinion: I never knew I needed a gravel bike until now. UDOG, take my money!

  16. UDOGs Dist gravel bike is the ultimate beast! Cant wait to hit those rough trails and leave everyone in the dust!

  17. Seriously? Who needs a fancy bike to enjoy the great outdoors? Just grab any old bike and get out there! Its about the journey, not the gear. Lets keep it simple and have some fun!

    • Nah, UDOGs Dist gravel bike is just overhyped garbage. There are way better options out there for shredding gravel trails. Dont fall for the marketing hype, do your research and find a real beast.

    • Gravel bikes are not just for regular roads, they offer versatility for off-road adventures, rough terrains, and exploring new trails. Dont knock it till you try it! #OpenYourMind

  18. Seriously? Riding a unicycle on Mars? Thats just plain absurd. Stick to reality, buddy. Gravel bikes are made for earthly adventures, not interplanetary stunts. Keep dreaming, but stay grounded. #keepitreal

    • UDOG? More like U-DONT-Give-A-Damn! Theyre just another overhyped brand with nothing new to offer. Ill stick with the tried and true options in the gravel market.

    • I couldnt agree more! UDOGs entry into the gravel market is definitely unexpected, but thats what makes it so intriguing. Its like watching a squirrel riding a unicycle – you cant help but be curious and excited to see where it goes.

    • Sorry, but I have to disagree. UDOGs gravel bike seems pretty average to me. There are other brands out there with better features and performance. Will stick to my trusted ride for now.

  19. Wow, UDOG really knows how to make a statement in the gravel market! Cant wait to try out their Dist bikes!

  20. UDOGs Dist gravel bike is a game-changer! Finally, my off-road adventures will reach new heights!

  21. Wow, UDOGs Dist bike is making waves in the gravel market! Cant wait to try it out and get my dirt-loving adventure on!

  22. Wow, UDOG really knows how to make a statement in the gravel market! Cant wait to see what they bring to the table!

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