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Unlock 12-Speed SRAM Force eTap AXS: Red-Like Performance at a Lower Price

Introducing the New SRAM Force eTap AXS Group

SRAM has been busy with their latest release, the SRAM Force eTap AXS group. This new group is similar to the RED eTap AXS group, but with some key differences, especially in terms of price.

Features of the SRAM Force eTap AXS Group

The SRAM Force eTap AXS is an electronic drivetrain with wireless shifting and options for hydraulic disc or mechanical rim brakes. While it is similar in performance to the RED AXS group, it differs in materials, construction, and weight. However, the batteries, motors, and chipsets are the same, ensuring identical shift speed.

Despite being about 300g heavier than RED, the Force group is more affordable, making it a worthy option for many consumers.

Design and Compatibility

The Force group has a different look due to its finishes. The finish on Force is less sophisticated, allowing for a lower price point. Like RED, Force is compatible with the AXS app and component integration system, enabling users to monitor and customize their components.

Unlike older SRAM components, most of the new parts in the Force group are not compatible, except for the new SRAM RED eTap AXS. However, these two groups are completely interchangeable.

New Gearing Options

One of the biggest changes in the SRAM Force group is the introduction of 12-speed gearing. The new X-Range gearing offers wider gear progression and a larger gear range without increasing the overall size or weight of the drivetrain package.

Force will have double chainring combinations of 48/35 and 46/33t, with the largest 50/37t combination only available in RED. The rear cassettes will have a 10t small cog and options for 26, 28, or 33t as the largest cog, providing a wide range of gearing options.

Cassette Options and XDR Compatibility

The XG-1270 cassette in the Force group uses a Mini-cluster/Pin-Dome configuration and is slightly heavier than the RED cassette. With the addition of a 12-speed cassette, SRAM had to move to the XDR freehub standard, which is compatible with XD cassettes using a spacer.

Rear and Front Derailleur

The rear derailleur in the Force group is optimized to work with any cassette and chainring combination, whether 1x or 2x. It features larger X-Sync pulleys and the Orbit fluid damper for improved shift quality. The front derailleur has been streamlined for better tire clearance.

New FRC-D1 Flattop Chain

The new FRC-D1 Flattop chain is narrower and shaped differently for increased strength and quieter rides. It is interchangeable with the SRAM RED chain and requires a specific Flattop PowerLock. It is not compatible with 11-speed cassettes.

Acronym Glossary

AXS – Refers to the new digital family of wireless/electronic components



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