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“Valverde on gravel will be able to surprise more than one”

EFE · Gravel · 03/13/2023

Pascual Momparler, national cycling coach, believes that the ex-runner Alejandro Valverde, World Champion on route in 2018, “will be one of those who are fond of gravel cycling and in this mode will surprise more than one”.

Momparler, a fan of bikes adapted to all types of terrain for years, has experienced the unstoppable growth of this modality.

“I raced cyclocross when I was younger. I remember going from my house to the circuit every day and coming back. I had a lot of fun. I used to ride this type of bike looking for greens when the gravel didn’t exist yet. The States Together, they bought my first bike, it will be about 7-8 years. Since then, I ride it whenever I can because I think it’s a lot of fun,” says Momparler.

The Spanish technician considered that the gravel, which already organizes races in Spain such as the Mussara Hunting Dogs, is not just a fad, but a modality called to endure over time.

“Gravel is here to stay. I think it will drive away this road cycling and this mountain biking that is practiced on roads. These people will stay on gravel. Some because they use a bike that is not suitable for the use that they they are giving and others because they will realize that with a gravel bike they can do the same, on quieter roads and avoiding the cars a bit. All this is already coming,” he explained in statements to the organization of this test.


Pascual Momparler believes that Alejandro Valverde, recently retired as a road professional at the age of 42, will have a preferred place on the gravel.

“I think that Valverde will be one of those who ride on gravel and will surprise more than one. He enjoyed it a lot in the Strade Bianche, last year he wanted to race in Jan. I know he has it in his head” , precise

Of the riders who came to the Wollongong Road World Championships, he said, “Carlos Verona I was surprised by his technique. I know he had his gravel bike to unload, but I could see he was very level.”

Last year saw the first world gravel championship organized by the UCI, a first step that did not particularly surprise the selector.

“The European cyclocross commission, to which I belong, was talking about the possibility of this world championship for four or five years. In places like Italy, Belgium or the north of France, the gravel was sticking very hard. So that it wasn’t a big surprise either. What surprised me was that so many Spanish runners came.”

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    • Haha, I gotta admit, the image of Valverde on gravel is quite amusing! But hey, who knows, maybe hell surprise us all and show some hidden gravel skills. Cant wait to see how it plays out!

  1. Wow, Valverde on gravel? Thats like seeing a fish ride a bicycle! Cant wait to be surprised by his skills!

    • Are you serious? Valverde on gravel? Hes a road specialist, not some gravel grinder. I highly doubt hell be able to handle the rough terrain. Dont get your hopes up too high. #GravelKing? More like #GravelJester.

    • Oh please, Valverde on gravel? More like Valverde on a leisurely Sunday ride. Dont get your hopes up for any mind-blowing surprises. Ill be surprised if he even finishes the race without crashing.

  2. Valverde on gravel? I never thought Id see the day! Cant wait to see him unleash his hidden gravel powers. Bring it on!

    • Seriously? Valverde is a road racing legend, not some gravel newbie. Hes been dominating the peloton for years. Lets not get carried away with hashtags and exaggerations. Stick to what hes good at, and leave the gravel to the real specialists. #RoadKing

    • Are you kidding me? Valverde on gravel is nothing short of impressive! The man is a beast on any terrain. Dont underestimate his skills. Hes proven time and again that he can conquer any challenge.

    • Are you seriously comparing Valverde on gravel to a penguin swimming? Thats just ridiculous. Valverde is a skilled cyclist who can handle any terrain. Dont be too quick to judge, you might be in for a surprise yourself.

    • Well, I must admit, the image of Valverde on gravel does sound quite amusing. But hey, sometimes unexpected things can surprise us. Who knows, maybe hell master that skateboard and prove us all wrong. Stranger things have happened, my friend.

  3. Wow, Valverde on gravel? Thats gonna be interesting! Cant wait to see what he pulls off! #UnpredictableRider

    • Oh, dont be so quick to judge, my friend. Valverde has proven time and again that hes versatile and capable of pulling off surprises. Who knows? He might just make that gravel his playground and leave us all in awe. Lets give him a chance before we jump to conclusions.

    • Yeah, Valverde on gravel is definitely going to be interesting. Lets hope he doesnt wipe out like he did in the Tour de France. Cant deny the guys talent, though. Excited to see if he can pull off some crazy moves and surprise us all!

    • Are you serious? Valverde a beast on gravel? Give me a break! Hes a road racer, not some gravel grinder. Lets see how he handles the real challenges of the road before hyping him up as a gravel beast. #KeepItReal

  4. Wow, Valverde on gravel? Thats gonna be interesting! Cant wait to see what he brings to the table. #SurpriseUsValverde

    • Oh please, stop being so dramatic. Valverde is a seasoned professional who can handle any terrain. Dont underestimate his skills and expect the unexpected. Its what makes cycling exciting.

  5. Valverde might be talented, but lets not get carried away. Gravel races require a different skillset. Itll be interesting to see how he adapts, but lets not forget the other seasoned gravel riders out there. Exciting times ahead!

    • Are you serious? Comparing Valverde on gravel to Messi playing beach volleyball? Thats a stretch. Lets not get carried away with unrealistic expectations. Valverde might surprise us, but lets not set the bar too high.

  6. Wow, Valverde on gravel? Thats like Messi playing beach volleyball! Cant wait to see the surprises unfold! #BringItOn

    • Haha, I couldnt agree more! Valverde on gravel sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. But hey, who knows, maybe hell prove us wrong. Cant deny its going to be entertaining to watch though! #GameOn

    • Are you serious? Valverde on gravel is like a fish on a bicycle. Dont get too excited about the surprises, buddy. I highly doubt hell be the master of anything other than disappointment. #Overrated #GravelFail

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