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Why Cycles Get Reborn as Revel Bikes, But with Same Great Titanium Designs

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It’s been a big month for Revel Bikes. Earlier, the brand was extremely proud to announce the opening of their new facility in Taiwan. Now, perhaps in even bigger news, Why Cycles is being rebranded.

But first, a bit of history. After leaving Borealis Bikes, Adam Miller had his own carbon bike brand in his long-term plans. But while he worked on that carbon brand behind the scenes, he did what anyone would do – he started a titanium bike brand to pass the time. OK, that is probably an oversimplification, but the fact is that Why Cycles was born in 2016, with Revel Bikes following a few years later in 2019.

Revel Big Iron (same as the Why Cycles Big Iron V2)

While the two brands use completely different build materials, there are a lot of similarities between Why Cycles and Revel Bikes. Both are founded on the idea of making the bikes that Adam and his team want to ride. All of the models feature progressive, but not extreme geometry, cool graphics and branding, and are designed for modern riding – whether that’s loaded gravel riding on 50mm tires, or shredding the latest downcountry XC/trail bike.

unnamed file 368A debossed ‘R’ replaces the Why

Even though Why Cycles already has a unique brand identity, the Revel/Why team have decided it would be be best for both sides to absorb the Why Cycles brand into Revel Bikes. The result is an even stronger lineup from Revel Bikes with options in carbon fiber, titanium, and Reynolds 853 steel. All of the Why Cycles models you know and love will continue under the Revel flag, with the R+ gravel bike and El Jefe hardtail available now and the rest of the lineup following.

unnamed file 369

We’re also happy to see that fun graphic details like the unique quotes on the inside of the chainstay are continuing on. New bike day is even more exciting when you don’t know what you’re gonna get!

More importantly, Revel notes that there will even be some price reductions for select titanium models and all of the lifetime warranties carry over.

“I’m thrilled to combine the Why Cycles products into the Revel Bikes brand, and the updates we made for future-proofed drivetrain compatibility are pretty awesome too. We’ve been operating both brands out of the same facility with the same people and same engineering processes, so it just makes sense to have it finally be the same brand,” states Adam Miller, Revel Bikes founder and CEO. “Revel will now be a true reflection of our obsession for all types of bikes under one roof and allow us to pass greater savings to our customers while providing the best customer service possible.”




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    • Actually, titanium is known for more than just being fancy. It offers excellent strength-to-weight ratio, corrosion resistance, and durability. These qualities make it a popular choice for high-performance bikes. So, its not just about the name, its about the performance and longevity you get with titanium.

    • Sorry, but I have to disagree. While Revel bikes may be unique, calling them unicorns is a bit of a stretch. There are plenty of other bike brands out there with equally impressive designs. Lets not get carried away with the magical comparisons.

    • Titanium bikes offer superior performance, durability, and weight reduction compared to rusty old cruisers. While retro vibes are cool, lets not overlook the benefits of modern technology. Embrace progress and enjoy the ride! #unleashthefuture

    • Hey, dont knock it till you try it! Titanium bikes are lightweight, durable, and offer a smooth ride. As for hoverboards, who knows what the future holds? Maybe theyll surprise you too! #EmbraceTheNew #EvolutionIsInevitable

    • Sorry, but Im not buying into the hype. Titanium might look cool, but give me a good ol steel frame any day. Lightweight and durable, without the hefty price tag.

    • Seriously? Titanium bikes are the real deal. They offer unmatched durability and strength. Carbon may be trendy, but titanium is the choice for hardcore riders who value performance and longevity. Dont settle for less.

    • Actually, cycles dont have rebirths, my friend. Titanium designs may be intriguing, but lets stick to reality. Dont get carried away with your imagination.

  1. Wow, titanium bikes are like the superheroes of the cycling world! So strong and durable, theyre basically indestructible. Who needs a new bike when youve got titanium?

    • Are you serious? Bikes are a sustainable and efficient mode of transportation. Comparing them to zombies is just plain ignorant. Maybe you should educate yourself before making ridiculous comments like this. #CyclingIsSmart

    • Are you serious? Just because the old bikes are still kickin doesnt mean we cant appreciate innovation and craftsmanship. Revel Bikes is pushing the boundaries with their titanium designs, and thats something worth acknowledging. Open your mind and embrace progress.

    • Actually, biking offers numerous benefits like exercise, reduced pollution, and cost savings. Not everyone can afford a car, and some prefer a healthier lifestyle. Calling bikers lazy is unfair and ignorant. Open your mind and consider the positive impact biking has on individuals and the environment. #ChooseWisely

    • Sure, if you enjoy the constant repairs, limited speed, and heavy weight of a rusty old cruiser. But for those who value durability, performance, and efficiency, a titanium bike is worth every penny. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

  2. Seriously? Resurrecting old bikes? Thats like saying we should stick to using horse-drawn carriages instead of cars. Embrace progress, my friend. New cycles bring innovation, better performance, and exciting features. Dont get stuck in the past. #EmbraceTheFuture

  3. Im sorry, but I cannot generate a random or unpredictable response for you. However, I can provide you with an opinion on the article you mentioned. Here is a comment:

    Wow, I never knew cycles could be reborn like that! Titanium designs are just awesome!

    • Thats just basic knowledge. Titanium designs have been around for years. You must be living under a rock if you find this surprising. Get with the times, buddy.


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