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Win Your Own Hunt 25 Carbon Gravel Race Wheelset!

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The simple truth is that most of us want to go faster on our bikes. Sure, you could train. But you could also just upgrade to a lighter wheelset…

To help you with your quest to go faster, Bikerumor has teamed up with Hunt Wheels to give away a pair of Hunt’s new 25 Carbon Gravel Race Wheels, a wheelset that retails for $1159!

Hunt says that this wheelset was designed to offer control and speed for the fastest gravel rides. Tubeless, ETRTO-compliant hookless rims, laced to a reliable, fast-engaging Sprint SL hub make for a system that Hunt wants you to know, is “ready to face any race day conditions.”

25 Carbon Gravel Race Wheelset Photo c. Hunt Wheels

This wheelset is a race-focused, hookless wheelset that “is built to offer versatility for the harshest and steepest days”.


HUNT 25 Carbon Gravel Race wheelset

The wheelset is laced to Hunt’s lighter, race-ready Sprint SL hubs with Pillar spokes. These hubs offer 7.5-degree engagement.

“We chose the top-of-the-range Pillar Spoke Re-enforcement PSR XTRA models. These butted blade aero spokes are lighter but also provide a greater degree of elasticity to maintain tensions longer and add fatigue resistance. PSR spokes feature the 2.2 width at the spoke head providing more material in this high-stress area. The nipples come with a hex head so you can achieve precise tensioning. Combining these components well is key which is why all HUNT wheels are hand-built.”

Hunt says this is a light, versatile wheelset that was built with race day in mind. Saying that the Sprint SL hubs, feature the same strength and power transfer but in a lower-weight package. Their thought was that this could result in more direct power transferred to the rear wheel.

The wheelset is highly adaptable with swappable caps allowing you to use whatever axle standard your bike comes with.

*Please note that these wheels will not work with older 15mm front road/gravel TA standards.*

Key Features

  • Rims | Asymmetric disc-specific hookless/straight-sidewall rim profile. ETRTO-compliant tubeless rims. Hookless (what does this mean?).
  • Tires | 26mm internal rim width, Tubeless-ready for lower weight & rolling resistance, featuring H_LOCK bead-seat for easy and secure tubeless installation. Hookless rims require the use of tubeless tires. (Please always refer to your tire manufacturer’s guidelines on pressure, rim width, and hookless compatibility).
  • Hubs | New Sprint SL straight-pull hubs. 15mm diameter 6066-T6 body and axle for supreme strength-to-weight. Circular dropout interface steps for added security in fitment. 3x treble-tooth pawls, resulting in just 7.5˚ engagement. Steel spline inserts to protect the cassette body.
  • Axles | Easily adaptable & we fit them for you. Fit all current axle sizes and are easy to change; Front – QR, Bolt thru 12/9mm, Rear – QR, Bolt thru 12×142, 12×135, 10×135.
  • Included | Tubeless tape & valves, spare spokes, axle adapters (please fill in the simple form after checkout to select your required size).
  • See the full specs here
  • Weight | 1380g

Retails for $1159 but get yours by entering your email below!

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RULES: By submitting your response, you agree to these rules, terms & conditions: Only one entry per person. Multiple entries from the same person will disqualify that person. All participants must provide a valid email address, as that is how HUNT Wheels will contact the winner(s). All entrants’ email addresses may be added to the email newsletter/marketing lists for Bikerumor.com and HUNT Wheels . Any emails sent from either party will contain “unsubscribe” options. The sweepstakes close just before midnight (11:59pm) PST on Saturday, September 10th, 2022. The winner (s) will be selected at random and the results are final. Winner(s) will have one week from the date of notification of winning to respond, after which HUNT Wheels and/or Bikerumor.com reserve the right to choose an alternate winner, and the original winner forfeits all rights to any prize(s).



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    • Are you serious? Duct taping bananas to your bike? Thats just absurd. A fancy race wheelset is essential for serious cyclists who value performance and efficiency. Dont be ridiculous.

    • Unicycles may be old school, but carbon gravel wheelsets offer superior performance, durability, and versatility. They allow for smoother rides, better handling, and increased speed. Dont limit yourself to tradition when you can embrace innovation and enhance your cycling experience.

    • Dream on, buddy. Winning a gravel race takes more than just winning some wheels. Its about skill, endurance, and determination. So, while winning those wheels would be nice, it wont make you an instant champion.

  1. Seriously? Prioritizing a lifetime supply of tacos over a race wheelset? Maybe you should reconsider your choices. But hey, to each their own, right? Enjoy your tacos while the rest of us actually strive for something meaningful.

    • Actually, carbon gravel race wheelsets are overrated. They may be lightweight, but they lack durability and tend to crack easily. Stick to reliable alloy wheelsets for a better off-road experience. Dont believe the hype.

  2. Nah, neon pink is for amateurs. Real gravel racers need sleek and stealthy wheels, not some flashy color. Stick to black or gray, my friend. Thats what the pros ride.

    • Sorry to burst your bubble, but those carbon gravel race wheelsets wont magically turn you into Superman. It takes skill, training, and dedication to achieve speed. So instead of relying on wheels to do the work, maybe focus on improving your own performance. #RealityCheck

  3. Seriously? A unicorn? How about focusing on the practicality and performance of a carbon gravel wheelset instead of chasing mythical creatures? Stick to the real world and leave the unicorns for fairy tales.

  4. Haha, wouldnt that be something? But lets be real here, a Carbon Gravel Race Wheelset wont turn you into Superman. Stick to the roads and leave the flying to the experts. Safe travels!

    • Sorry to burst your bubble, but those wheels wont make you fly like a superhero. No need for speed here, just a reality check. But hey, dreams are free! #KeepDreaming

    • I hate to burst your bubble, but carbon wheels arent all theyre hyped up to be. They may look sick, but dont expect them to magically turn you into a gravel shredding beast. Save your money and focus on improving your skills instead. #RealityCheck

  5. Seriously? You think you need a carbon gravel race wheelset? Get real. There are more important things in life than fancy wheels. Focus on improving your skills instead of obsessing over material possessions.

    • Unicycles may be fun, but lets not dismiss the incredible engineering and performance of a race wheelset. Its like comparing apples to oranges. Each has its own merits, so lets appreciate them both for what they offer. #varietyisgood

    • Good luck dominating the trails with your fancy wheelsets. Just remember that its not about the equipment, its about the skill and dedication. Dont let the wheels do all the work for you.

    • I hate to burst your bubble, but winning a wheelset wont automatically make you dominate the trails. It takes skill, determination, and a lot more than just fancy gear. So maybe focus on improving yourself instead of relying on material possessions to do the work for you. #RealityCheck

  6. Wow, those carbon gravel race wheelsets look sick! Cant wait to shred some dirt trails with those bad boys. #GravelGrinder

  7. Seriously? Unicorns? Were talking about real-world equipment here, not mythical creatures. Carbon gravel race wheelsets offer tangible benefits like weight reduction and increased performance. Stick to reality, buddy.


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