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Yoeleo G21: A Bike to Rule in all modes

It has been said many times that once you have one gravel bike you won’t need another one. It is partly true, and Yoeleo this time got a little closer to this reality with its bike for gravel and bike paking.

The G21 combines features that allow you to have a fast bike on the road and on light gravel; comfortable for difficult terrain and long distances, and versatile to configure to your convenience or the type of adventure you want to undertake.

Next, I will tell you, from my experience, the different advantages, “disadvantages”, usability and sensations after my first 500km on this bike.

Yoeleo G21 Bike: A Cyclist’s Dream Come True

The world of cycling has evolved over the years, with various brands striving to deliver the best biking experience. Yoeleo, a reputable brand in the cycling community, is one of those brands.

A good bike is not just a mode of transportation but an extension of the cyclist’s capability, enhancing their experience on the road or trail.

A sleek Yoeleo G21 gravel bike showcased against a serene mountain backdrop
Yoeleo G21: A Bike to Rule in all modes 5

Yoeleo G21; Constantly improving

Before getting into the subject, I want to highlight some relevant aspects and changes that the bike has undergone since it was launched in early 2022.

There is no doubt that Yoeleo is committed to innovation and providing an extraordinary customer experience; it’s not for nothing that it’s one of the most trusted brands from the Asian giant, and that’s because it constantly consults its community, listens openly, and implements slight but important tweaks in the quest to get the bike everyone wants.

Derived from this exercise just one year after the launch of the G21, Yoeleo has decided to change the seat post to achieve more comfort, expand the configuration range and also the aesthetics of this area.

Likewise it changed the way the front fork mounts look and gives you the option now to have a fork without mounts. Also the way the derailleur leg is fixed to give more security, plus a frame protector under the center axle, which definitely gives you more confidence in rough terrain.

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For me, the most relevant change is to have chosen a Bottom Braket 47T – more commonly used on mountain or enduro bikes – which makes perfect sense if you want to have a reliable bike, without the horrible squeak that is famous among Bottom Brackets with Pressfit.

Let’s not leave out that the box comes with everything you need to set up the bike however you like, even an extra derailleur leg, an appreciated detail if you ask me.

Yoeleo has committed to having a flexible, aesthetically pleasing bike that you can take on any terrain with all the confidence in the world.

And that’s not just talk, I’ve used it on gravel, single track with branches and rocks and on tarmac, looking at different distance ranges to squeeze every last drop out of this bike, spoiler; does not disappoint.

Close-up of the advanced gear system on the Yoeleo G21 gravel bike
Close-up of the advanced gear system on the Yoeleo G21 gravel bike

Yoeleo G21 Overview

When it comes to top-notch bikes, the Yoeleo G21 stands out.

Specifications: The bike boasts of remarkable specifications that cater to both amateur and professional cyclists.

Features: Its features include a sleek design, carbon frame, and advanced gear system, ensuring a smooth ride.

Advantages of Yoeleo G21

  • Performance: The performance of the Yoeleo G21 is unmatched. Its aerodynamic design and light-weight frame allow for swift movement and high speed.
  • Durability: Constructed with high-quality materials, this bike is built to withstand the test of time and rough terrains.


Yoeleo G21 vs Other Brands: When compared to other brands, the Yoeleo G21 often surpasses in terms of performance, durability, and design.

User Experiences

  • Customer Reviews: Many customers rave about the smooth riding experience and the durability of the Yoeleo G21.
  • Expert Opinions: Experts in the cycling community also commend the bike for its high-quality construction and performance.

Buying Guide

  • Where to Buy: Purchasing a Yoeleo G21 can be done through their official website or authorized dealers.
  • Price Range: The price range of the Yoeleo G21 is competitive, offering great value for the quality provided.

Maintenance Tips

Regular maintenance such as timely servicing, cleaning, and proper storage will ensure the longevity of your Yoeleo G21.

The carbon frame detail of Yoeleo G21 gravel bike, exemplifying modern design
The carbon frame detail of Yoeleo G21 gravel bike, exemplifying modern design

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G21 is Versatile, reactive and fun

The first thing you notice when you get on it is the size, it doesn’t feel like a compact bike. Yoeleo created space in the main frame to increase the capacity to accommodate larger bikepacking backpacks without sacrificing space for the drums.

This, combined with elongated rear pods and space to accommodate up to 53mm decks, make it feel huge.

Still it doesn’t feel like a clumsy or slow bike if not quite the opposite. The angle chosen to connect with the fork makes it a very reactive bike, a light crosswind can be felt in the steering and, although it may take a bit more skill to ride, inside the single track, in the middle of the mountain where you find branches and stones out of nowhere, it is pure gold to be able to dodge and handle with such agility.

Yoeleo G21 in long distances

Whether it’s for a day trip or the next ultra-distance race, the G21 can be configured so you can carry everything you need, without sacrificing aerodynamics.

From a bike packing perspective the G21 has anchors to take you to the stove, 20 bolts ready (12 if you choose the fork without anchors) to receive the panniers, fenders and accessories you need for this adventure without sacrificing space for your drums or cycle- computer.

Now, if we look at it from an ultra distance perspective, being able to carry an almost 6 liter pannier bag and still have room for 1.5 liters of water is like a dream. You stay compact, aerodynamic and have room for plenty of food for the race. If you add to this the range of wheels that can go from 28-53mm you will have the optimal bike for each journey.

The one point that my bike packer friends might not appreciate so much is the position on the bike.

Although it has a more relaxed geometry like most endurance bikes, it is a bike designed for speed, and it is still a bit aggressive compared to other bikes designed exclusively for bike packing. We had to sacrifice something in pursuit of this bike that literally does it all.

Yoeleo G21 gravel bike parked alongside a peaceful lakeside, ready for the next adventure.
Yoeleo G21 gravel bike parked alongside a peaceful lakeside, ready for the next adventure.

Verdict of Yoeleo G21

In short, if you want a bike to rule over all terrains, Yoeleo’s G21 is definitely one of the options you should consider. Fast, fun, flexible and able to take you to any destination.

The Yoeleo G21 bike is a fantastic investment for both amateur and seasoned cyclists. Its performance, durability, and sleek design make it a top choice among cycling enthusiasts.

For more information visit the Yoeleo website:



  1. Where can I buy a Yoeleo G21 bike?

    • The Yoeleo G21 bike can be purchased through the official Yoeleo website or authorized dealers.
  2. What makes the Yoeleo G21 stand out from other bikes?

    • The Yoeleo G21 stands out due to its high performance, durability, and sleek design.
  3. Is the Yoeleo G21 suitable for professional cycling?

    • Yes, the Yoeleo G21 is suitable for both amateur and professional cycling.
  4. What kind of maintenance does the Yoeleo G21 require?

    • Regular servicing, cleaning, and proper storage are essential for maintaining the Yoeleo G21.
  5. Is the Yoeleo G21 worth the investment?

    • Absolutely, the Yoeleo G21 offers excellent value for the price, making it a worthy investment for cycling enthusiasts.



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  1. Wow, this Yoeleo G21 bike sounds like it can do it all! Cant wait to try it out and see if it lives up to the hype.

    • Haha, wouldnt that be nice? As incredible as the Yoeleo G21 is, Im afraid it cant whip up your morning meal. But hey, itll definitely make you feel like a champion on the road!

    • I doubt the Yoeleo G21 can handle the brutal Rocky Mountain trails. It may look impressive on paper, but it takes more than just specs to conquer those rugged terrains. Id recommend looking into a more reliable and durable option for your mountain adventures.

  2. Wow, the Yoeleo G21 sounds like the ultimate bike for any cyclist! Cant wait to try it out and conquer the roads!

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